Butterfly Effect


Butterfly Effect


                                           sunning on a cloudy day
                                           enchanted by cottony plight
                                           gray and white
                                           sky blue
                                           as my mind

                                           brilliant teasing
                                           in and out
                                           dizzily rolling clouds
                                           faces appear within the mist
                                           to demise
                                           among the crowd


                                           sweat-beads track down
                                           tickling my nose
                                           like comical tears

                                           numb from the neck up
                                           the shadows of days slipped by
                                           imprint a message on my soul
                                           DON’T LOOSE CONTROL

                                            “nevermore” the raven said
                                            starving soldiers eat their dead
                                            give me love is written
                                            between the lines
                                            of frozen fingers
                                            and jellied spines


                                            beams of light
                                            rip thru a darkening sky
                                            a ladder reaching
                                            where angels hide
                                            but the rungs are broken

                                            the sun has fallen
                                            now night wears on
                                            rain smacks the concrete
                                            a soothing song

                                            peering thru the window
                                            of my wooden womb
                                            i see colors dripping
                                            from the wings of butterflies

                                                             Houston, Texas '81
                                                             Jerry Browning

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moonsail commented on Butterfly Effect


beautiful delicate cotton candy imagery....very very nice..bravo



thank you moonsail

Tony5880 commented on Butterfly Effect


Hey Whats happening I love your writes. I value your opinion I just wrote a new poem called toddlers repent tell me what you think

Tony5880 commented on Butterfly Effect


itwa s very in debth,emotions felt write i like this poem. read my poem why and honestlt tell me what ya think we both gain out this. help a brother!

Phission commented on Butterfly Effect


what a wonderful ride and trip....makes my mind see things....love your work. YOU are a master. easy 10



Thank you so much Phission..I appreciate it. I sure wish this site was still up and running at full strength.

rodni1984 commented on Butterfly Effect


Hello, how are you doing, sir? Just read your poem. I must say, i really liked it. It was very deep. I am new to this site. If you would ever so kindly ad me as a friend ,or read my poem, i would be ever so glad. Thank you. Have a blessed day.

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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