Carpe Viam


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"He who hesitates is lost" and they who hesitate to take action will not be found blameless.

Carpe Viam

In human attitudes lies the future of mankind

 Horace poetically said in The Odes   

“Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero”


“Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future”


 Isaiah and Corinthians state

‘Eat and drink, for tomorrow we die”


Waterhouse wrote

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may”


Pirkei Avot states

"And if not now, when?"

All wise words if not taken to the extreme

However, if words of antiquity were our only teacher

and if the prevailing human attitude today was “carpe diem”

 then the next 24 hours would be

 the most magnificent period since the beginning of time.

and we would all be enriched beyond our imaginations



But, what of the day after tomorrow and the days to follow?

Are we to eat drink and be merry while our planet decays?  

Are we to permit our environment and all life to be poisoned

while hiding behind a cloak of greed and uncaring?


Horace, in his poetic comparison of different attitudes,

also eloquently wrote “Carpe Viam” meaning to “seize the road”

Well the road to the future of mankind lies in the hands of

those that will step forward and do just that

Giving voice to the battle against self-indulgence  

so that our environment will not eventually become our enemy.

So join me and step forward citizens of the world

Time is of the essence  

“Carpe Viam”


   ©Copyright Charlie Gragg 2009

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devaamido commented on Carpe Viam


The usefulness of any piece of advice about how to approach life is ONLY and AT BEST valid for the time it is given. Hence, Janis Joplin's advice in the '60's to: "Git it while you can!" was valid for a period of hedonistic abandon, the outcome of which was to undermine & will eventually destroy a human societal network that had become so toxic as to threaten the Earth herself. The question for Humans is whether or not they can abandon destruction as a lifestyle soon enough & evolve a new less harmful mode of living, in time to survive. The Earth will likely survive & heal herself with or without humans. Good write with or without literary fidelity.



Your comments are those of one who practices deepness of thought on such matters. I give you a 10 on your comments.

cmlestrade commented on Carpe Viam


What a compelling offering. Yes we need to live for the day, this day and prevent the evils of the future from happening. We can all make the effort. Every little bit can help or on the flip side hurt if we aren't doing all we can.



Thank you,your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

dahlusion commented on Carpe Viam


This needed to be written and by no other than you. Yes, for humanity to wake up to our selfish reality of being is the most important awakening needed because we are the enemy of our environment and not the other way around. We can listen to, read, and academically praise all of these "wise men" before us and, really, what have we learned? Great write!!



Your comments are right on target. Thank you Dah.

HarverTomsson commented on Carpe Viam


Perhaps something got lost in translation, Charles. Isaiah voices God's will for purposive grief to reorder priorities, but instead He finds iniquitous living just for the moment. In Corinth, the argument is that IF there is no resurrection for the dead (no future) then to live just for today becomes reasonable. But the obvious point is that we are stewards of tomorrow. Which is, from a different chain of logic, identical to the call to action you are making. The road to a better tomorrow is to make better choices today. In that, only the self absorbed and self indulgent would presume to disagree. Among some Christians, there is an expectation for imminent "rapture" that would preclude care for this earth's resources. To that, I would respond that God intends to destroy all those who destroy the earth [see Rev. 11:18]. It is a moral virtue to care for our planet's future. Some words from antiquity are just the mouthings of fools buttrussing their minds against any intrusion of wisdom.



Thank you Harver. I respect your views and appreciate your providing this very thought provoking analysis.

connsk8 commented on Carpe Viam


Good messages but not my style of getting them across, but I read it as promised!!!



Thanks for the comment on the messages. As far as the style is concerned one must remember that the style reflects the authors style and is not intended to relicate the style of the reader.

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