• Dark


    i love the solitude of cemeteries
    it is where i feel most at home
    no one to critique my dreams
    or criticize me, it seems

    no one

    autumn is dark and gloomy
    best time to visit the cemetery
    cold, crisp and roomy
    can you feel that

    autumn is drastic and black
    we have that in common, autumn and i
              but still
    i am young and beautiful here
    for time has stopped
    and my candles are unblown
              but still
    i am king among dead
    for i have swapped
    good memories for my own

    i lie on the cemetery's floor
    and listen to peace-ever heard it
    it's not empty, never quiet or lonely
    but periodically it smells like crying
    and on that floor i sometimes
    that tree roots and antique arms
    would reach up
    pull me under
    and drag me off home
    over the bridge of bones
    back to my glass house
    and my closet of unthrown stones

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    crhymethinc commented on cemetaries


    glass home and closet of unthrown stones - - - brilliant!

    EyesOfRain commented on cemetaries


    Wow Crush, this is amazing. So beautiful and so dark, yet filled with hope of something that lies beyond. "autumn is dark and gloomy best time to visit the cemetery cold, crisp and roomy can you feel that" - when I read this line I thought to myself 'yes, I have felt that'. I used to ride my horse to the cemetery at the end of the road, and I would sit on the bench and we would eat apples.I felt it then. Wonderful poem. Your writing takes me back to simpler times, back when I used to think differently than I do now. Well done.

    Oblaidon commented on cemetaries


    Nice write. I have one called driving past graves. Please read.

    xntric commented on cemetaries


    This is so beautiful! I ca feel your longing to travel from this world into the next. It is not as much like leaving life but beginning it again. I too love the peace that comes from conversations with silence and those that have passed on.



    you got what i was trying to say....this poem came out of a depression but turned into an awakening of sorts. a "beginning".

    hjaycarney commented on cemetaries


    "or i have swapped good memories for my own" great, great line. I frequently use "memories" in my writing, also, but never dreamed of such a great line. Exceptional.

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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