changed plans


  • Loss

    changed plans

    Changing one day to the next
    I had a plan-
    What now?
    Where do I gonow that im unsure?
    Unprepared- Uncertain and phased by all I had never feared before.
    Never cared about till now.
    Phased by the unknwon
    What now?
    I had a plan
    One that changed
    Given me an unexpected oppurtunity-
    One Ive always talked about
    One im ready to prove.
    They want to see more-
    What now?
    Its time-
    To prove how much im worth.
    My plans changed but  I still havent.
    My dreams-
    Still their.
    My ability? never gone.
     still here 
    although my plans have gone.
    Im still here willing to prove
    That Imready
    That Im here
    That I can show you
    I can show them.
    I know what I want
    I wwant this
    And thats all that ever mattered anyway.
    So what now?
    I wait.
    Iwait  patiently.
    Willing toprove-
    That Ive been ready
    That Imhere
    That Im still waiting.

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    Ecnal commented on changed plans


    He will come to you in time... Even a change takes patience

    DeepEclipse commented on changed plans


    Randomness. It spills forth like it doesn't know what its doing, yet in its words you get the feeling that it's known what its doing all along. Flowing with the unexpected, staying alert to the unknown. It read to me like a parallel universe. From the outside, a confusion. From the inside, a calmness. Enjoyed the journey.

    Artie commented on changed plans


    Sounds like you're at the crossroads - find the direction that lead to your destination, and hammer down!!

    bforibus commented on changed plans


    i love the uncertain emotions thats written in theese words. a few typos but still a very good poem. there was a haste in this character that i appreciated. great job on this piece.

    girlygirl1234 commented on changed plans


    wow i really like this poem its really good how did u come up with it

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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