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There are many conspiracy theories out there but here's one to make you never look at the sky in the same way again. My son got me going on this subject... :D 


Up in the sky, it’s a plane, it’s insane… it’s chemtrails.

The end has begun at least so warns my son,
since the 80’s it’s said, in the web blogs he’s read.
With minds focused solely on pleasure, greed, and need to succeed,
we follow man’s creed which is lay waste and breed.

Simple fact is, the planet is overpopulated.
Mother Earth gets stomped on daily by six and a half billion carbon footprints and that’s if we hop around on just one foot. We have bred exponentially out of control and she is getting very angry.

With that sadly said and to mess with your heads comes a new little known
but proof mounting shown plot, masterminded by a secret society of deviants both rich and powerfully positioned globally to give Great Mother a helping hand.

At the cost of the majority meaning we the less privileged on this planet,
Its agenda is to reduce the planet’s overall population to once more return balance between man and nature before the planet takes care of that problem itself.

Like a dog shaking off water from an unwanted bath we can be removed that fast, as disaster flicks like 2012 depict, leaving the planet uninhabitable for only God knows or cares how long.
Only in real life we haven't got motherships to lift us to safety.

This is why chemtrails although chilling to conceive, are a logical environment-friendly method
of ridding the world of the majority of pesky humans. With billions gone, our weary planet will heal itself before blowing another mega-gasket sending the last of us to our deities and chosen destinations of afterlife choice.

The theories are vast if you search chemtrail facts for what is emitted from jet fuel that is laced
with traces of contaminants. Cocktails of chemicals are increasingly being spread in the skies above unsuspecting public eyes as we sip latte’s cruising the paved scars of this planet in our fancy gas guzzlers designed to one up the gas guzzlers we pass. 

We are being set up for the big kill. Global annihilation of billions. When you look to the sky and this warning is why, you will notice jet contrails/chemtrails, appearing in greater numbers daily. Spreading further across the horizon in populated areas around the globe. These ever widening trails are lingering hour after hour, day after day, breath after breath.

Frightening? A milder theory to make news less dreary is that chemtrails are secret government experiments combating global warming by reflecting the sun’s rays to further man’s days, back into space with nary a trace of aluminum oxide and other toxins filling our oceans, backyards and lungs. Pick your poison. Autoimmune weakening or cancer causing agents dropped daily. Good grief.

The Mayan calendar’s end may not suggest a catastrophic celestially triggered polar shifting event or planet killing solar flare in 2012. Chemtrails may be a precursor to a man made disaster now staged to occur in 2012. Will a deadly virus be deployed via chemtrails after satisfying tests on a global scale are completed preempting countless trial runs we are witnessing in our skies today?

Google chemtrails and if you still have doubts you won’t be alone. After all who could devise such an unscrupulous act and have the cahones to pull it off? Perhaps more scheming aristocrats than you think exist. With wealth comes power, control, and with that, leadership. Unfortunately like unsuspecting sheep, the masses are being led to slaughter and there isn’t much further to go.

Up in the sky, it’s a plane, it’s insane… it’s chemtrails.
Bah humbug, or Baa Baa?




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jeanpnkldyg commented on Chemtrails


I am impressed that I only heard about this a few months ago and yet this was written in 2009. The font was a too small to read, so I copied and pasted and increased font and it read like a news report. Good job!

Hampton commented on Chemtrails


Whatever the trails may be you can be assured that they are toxic.

devaamido commented on Chemtrails


Hey Dragon: There's a cooler way to look at this: The 1960's rat-crowding experiments are simply being replicated in another mammalian species. And since that species has inconscionably overbred its ecological space, it's time for a bath! It's not personal & it's nobody's fault... not even "God's".. We can't fix it, so we might s well be thankful for the ride.... kick back & let "God" do the driving.

courage commented on Chemtrails


Hello Dragonfly, Good work, has me thinking now. I will never look at the sky or sheep in the same way again. The apple didn't fall far from the tree, sounds like you have one very wise son. Take care. Blessings!

ginga commented on Chemtrails


Hi Dragonfly, The way this reads it seems to be that a wise sage and his son are warning the peoples of the world to stop allowing chemtrails before we go up in steam and smoke with them. The desperate cry to tell the world, the fear of demise, the scientific facts and statistics remind me of a George Orwell novel that points out the ominous, and portends the future. All this from a poet who has formed P.O.E.T.S. How appropriate. TY for the warning Dragonfly. ginga

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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