Childhood And Thunderclouds


Childhood And Thunderclouds

Childhood will forever live in my heart.

A chocolate popsicle
Dripping on my new tennis shoe.

Skipping stones on a smooth surface of water,
While counting the skips.

Chewy carmel corn
Sticking between my teeth.

Running right into the wind,
Because I can!

Giggles and more giggles
Spilling out,
Like gumdrops,
Sliding through an open package.

Following friends forever,
Because that's what friends are for.

A splinter stuck in my left hand,
Bringing tears to my face.
One kiss from mom,
And my world is safe again.

Feeling big and small
At the same time.

Scary sounds in the night, shouting,
"I need the light on Mommy!"

Big black rolling thunderclouds,
Punctuated with lighting, blinding my eyes,
Bring shivers of excitment
Up and down my spine.

Followed by LOUDER thunder,
Like pins smashed
By a big black bowling ball.

Always looking towards tomorrow
While sometimes feeling afraid
Of today.

Childhood will always mean living
 Inside tiny cracks
In the sidewalk of life.

Yet, childhood for me,
Means magnificent memories made,
In my heart.


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Lolee commented on Childhood And Thunderclouds


This is a beautiful! It brings up all the memories that were full of mystery and innocence. Amazing to realize that at one time in our lives the biggest problem was getting ice-cream on our new shoes! lol!!! Thanks for creating such a soft and warm place for us to visit in this lovely piece.



Thanks Lolee - Yes, the years go by so quickly - it's sometime hard to bring back some of the simple memories, because life deals out so many significant moments - both hard and soft. Thanks for taking time comment. Polishprince

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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