Childs play


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This is the poem of the fun we used to have when we were kids. How things have changed. Our kids today have no idea how to go out side and play like we did when we were kids.

Childs play

When i was a child things were cool
we didn't have to worry about walking
to school
We could play out side all day
as long as we were in before the street
lights came on
We played all day out side you see playing
games with each other was so fun back then
We got exercise because we were out all day
finding things to do come what may
We didn't want to come in
When we did we would complain
our friends were waiting and we
wanted to go out and play
Whether it be playing in the mud or riding our bikes
What fun we had back in the day
We knew how to have fun
and it was great back then
We all hung together and did not have a worry
in the world no one would bother us we were
a gang you know
not the gangs of today we had games to play
Our parents were strict and we must obey
If we messed up there was a price to pay
Making us stay in was pure torture to us
Not being able to go out side was a pain to us
Kids today don't know how to play
They need to stay inside or they have nothing
to do
Things are different these days
our kids must have a computer
to play on because that is their way
of having fun
We had the time of our life when we were young

I wish they could spend one day like we did back then
They would have the time of their life playing games
or riding their bikes to the woods
Our kids today are missing out if they only know
what we was all about back then
One day spent like we had back then
They would love the way we played all day

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pfr717 commented on Childs play


This poem takes me back to a time almost forgotten. A time of innocense by todays' standards. I actually saw myself as a child again in my own backyard. For me this poem brought back very powerful memories. It's more than a poem to me, I like it a lot.



thanks for reading my poem and taking the time to comment. I remember things were quite differant back when we were kids. We played out side and got the excercise we needed and dint sit in the house all the time and play games. My grandson is getting so fat. My son signed him up for basebaball. He is good at it and they made him the pitcher of the team. Thanks again.!!!

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