Christmas has changed in my house you see


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My thoughts of Christmas this year when our economey is filled with worry and fear. To remind others that Christmas in not about what we give or to who it is given. It is about our love for those here and others we have lost. How it brings together if only for a day. To share a hug or perhaps a wispered, but hearty "I LOVE YOU". Give of your hearts not of your wallets!

Christmas has changed in my house you see

Christmas has changed in my house you see.

It used to be that Christmas was so exciting to me.

As a little girl I couldn’t wait to see,

The beautiful presents piled beneath the tree.

Then I grew and understood that that was not what Christmas was about.

It is learning to show your love and give from the heart.

The size or amount of presents don’t pertain

To the joy on each face that that I hope will remain.


Then came the kids one and then another.

Christmas returned to my thoughts of a girl.

How many gifts my children would see,

Piled high beneath our own Christmas tree.

To see them with their eyes full of delight,

In the morning with Christmas’s first morning light!


People coming in the house from all directions,

Grandma’s and Grandpa came in from every door.

There was almost nowhere where you could see the floor!

What we had given was pushed aside for later.


They always started with hugs and kisses,

Then in came the bags of all my children’s wishes.

This went on from morning to night,

As I worked in the kitchen with barely a sight,

Of who gave what to who, and if they remembered

 To say a loving “THANK YOU”.


Now Christmas has changed for us once again.

The boys have grown now, into fine young men.

The door hardly opens anymore.

These days you can see plenty of the floors.

For most of the grandparents have passed over you see.

Each year I would see more of the gifts they were given.

Within my heart I would sense someone missing.

Another loved one gone from my rapidly shrinking family.


I know that one day this to will change.

My sons will marry and have kids of their own.

Then I will see that my family has grown.

The cycle will start over again.


I will never forget the people from Christmas’ past

For I know they watch from above through that huge hourglass.

As each sand passes through that measure of time,

They know I will be called home to stand by their sides.

I will be one of the loved ones now gone.

My face will be added to the up there,

Peeking through that never ending hourglass of time.


So you see Christmas has changed for my family you see.

All but that one most remarkable thing,

The love and peace we share in our hearts,

That only Christmas love can bring.


Knowing our relatives all await us up there.

We hold that in our hearts and it lessens our worries.

Right now I am certainly in no big hurry.

I hope that here I can stay awhile,

So I can enjoy my grand children’s’ smiles.

Especially on the morning of Christ’s birthday!

A day filled with love in so many different ways.


Written in memory of my loved ones crossed over.

Beth November 2009

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Beetle726 commented on Christmas has changed in my house you see


I too feel as you do. Most of the family I have left are back home in Michigan. I now have grandkids and both my parents are gone. Beautiful are the memories you brought back to me. Thank you for sharing. I have a couple new posts if you would care to comment.



Thanks for commenting. I will check yours out now.

lonewolf commented on Christmas has changed in my house you see


absolutely beautiful. wow!, this brings back lots of memories.



Thank you Lone. It did for me too.

koolmom0 commented on Christmas has changed in my house you see


I can so relate to this poem, my childhood Christmases were awesome. Then I grew up, then came my kids, then like your's mine are grown. Awesome poem honey. Koolmom



Thanks Kool. It's kind of sad when we are in the in between mode

Liebling commented on Christmas has changed in my house you see


Beautifully put. What a wonderful reminder of what Christmas is supposed to be about. Not just gifts, but loving care.



It's a shame it is so commercialized now a days.

DestinedQueen commented on Christmas has changed in my house you see


And so many think of Christmas as the time of giving but those that think of it as just a time to share with loved ones are few and far between. This reaches into my soul and wants to bring out the tears 'cause my entire family lives up in Michigan and I don't have anyone down here in florida so it's really hard when the holiday's come around 'cause I can't ever make the trip I just work through the holidays. Very good! DQ



Thank you DQ. You should ask them to set up a webcam so you can be there with them in some way.

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