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    • Well everyone, three weeks and Im gonna be the father of a baby boy. Words cant describe how excited I am. Also a little scared. Ive posted a song that Im workin on let me know how you like it.

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    Just a fun little Christmas poem. Was tryin to put a funny twist on bein stuck out here for Christmas.

    Christmas In Iraq

                                              CHRISTMAS IN IRAQ

                Out to the desert Santa flew,
                     with his bag of gifts,
                     and his reindeer too,
               to see us soldiers feeling blue,
                    to be all by ourselves.
                                    But with one word from Santas lips,
                                       the reindeer started doing flips,
                                    as he passed out some poker chips,
                                        to play cards with the elves.
                                  The music played, the eggnog flowed,
                                     there was a feast, it even snowed!
                                    It was like nothing we ever knowed*
                                             this Chrismas in Iraq.
             Though we were out there all alone,
                we got a little tast of home,
           as Mrs. Claus played a slide trombone,
                        with Santa on the sax
                       Everyone was satisfied,
                  so Santa said "Its time to ride",
            he packed his sleigh and jumped inside,
                      after hitching up the deer.
            He called their names out one by one,
               the reinder pulled and tried to run,
            their harness broke and came undone,
                    as Santa watched with fear.
                     "Oh no! Its a catastrophe!
               There'll be no Christmas without me!
                    I have to find a way to leave!
                     Don't you guys understand?
                 I simply can't get stuck out here,
                   I must deliver Christmas cheer,
              the sleigh won't work without the deer,
                     it's made for snow not sand."
                  The runners, buried in the sand,
                   we all pitched in to lend a hand,
        but the reindeer scattered across the land,
                          so we were out of luck.
                 But then something occured to me,
                      a vision in my mind, you see,
                        Santa driving a Humvee,
                 so I gave him the keys to my truck.
                   We loaded up the gifts and elves,
                made sure they put on their seat belts,
                    he thanked us all for all out help
                        and took off down the path.
              With a wave good bye and a flash of light,
                      Santa claus blinked out of sight,
                        all of us sat down that night
                         and had ourselves a laugh.
                       So if you hear upon your roof
                    the sound of tires instead of hoofs,
                   dont't be scared and don't be shook,
                           its just Santa with his sack.
                    His sleigh is gone, the deer are free,
                        cause Santa has a new Humvee,
                     with Christmas cheer to you from me,
                            Merry Christmas from Iraq


                                     Written by: JD   Dec. 09

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    blackfootlady commented on Christmas In Iraq


    LOL! Too Funny and very nice at that.Excellent writeKeep up the Good inspirations...Have a Wonderful Merry Christmas- God Bless and by all means Dear Friend-Keep writing Gifted One-CHURV

    1990lh commented on Christmas In Iraq


    omg i luv this im mad im just reading this it was soooooo funny hahaha His sleigh is gone, the deer are free, cause Santa has a new Humvee, with Christmas cheer to you from me, Merry Christmas from Iraq that was super funny hahahah excellent job. best wishes and much luv. 90

    cousinsoren commented on Christmas In Iraq


    Hey,if we could stick a copy of this humorous poem into every gun,in the world, and get all fighting men to laugh at the humour of it, there would be no more wars. Peace would reign under Santa Claus. Soldiers do have a heart,don't they? So why do they allow those who have no heart to send them to kill or to be killed? Must peace be always preserved by force and bloodahed? Wouln;t it be better preserved by love, respect of rights, tolerance and humour? My rating for an almost perfect presentation is a full 10.

    sammia commented on Christmas In Iraq


    Wonderful write cowboy. This put a smile on my face. Loved the flow as well as the set up.

    koolmom0 commented on Christmas In Iraq


    CUTE WRITTEN ALL OVER THIS ONE!!!!!!! I absolutely love it. Koolmom

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    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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