Come,Sweet Prince...


Come,Sweet Prince...

                                         Come, slake your thirst,
                           For I am the chalice from which you drink each night.
                                  I burn through your body like liquid fire,
                                        Travelling it’s fated course…


                                        Come, slake your hunger,
                    For I am the delicacy which is served upon your silver platter.
                                      Set in front of you atop your table,
                                         A pearl upon its oyster bed,
                              Awaiting the ultimate discovery of being plucked…


                                      Yet,stay your hand ,sweet prince,
                                       For I shall be savoured as such.


                                    Come ,rest your tired bones,
                         For I am the feathered pillow beneath your head,
                   I am the satin sheets that slide against your skin each night,
                      Stimulating your every nerve,caressing your every inch…


                                       Come ,awake,sweet prince,
             For I am the ray of light that shines across your peaceful face,   So you may start each day with a slice of light that shines on every path you tread,
                    For every step your foot shall take will be illuminated…


                                          So,come,sweet prince…
                                        For you shall never stumble.

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Rygar commented on Come,Sweet Prince...


another great journey into the beautifully poetic mind of Calliope, im intrigued to say the least. write on...

BadBadBear commented on Come,Sweet Prince...


Only a Princess with so much to offer is able to slake a Prince's hunger! "For i am the delicacy which is served upon your silver platter". Great lines, great verse!

kpeery09 commented on Come,Sweet Prince...


Wonderful...absolutly beautiful...your pieces are very well written. I give you 10

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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