Computer Love (Original By: Kym)


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    Computer Love (Original By: Kym)

    Can you understand what i am writing,
    every line that i write has meaning.

    it seems like i am bleeding with passion,
    but you really dont see it.

    everytime i type you a line i feel closer to you,
    i just want for the day i can hold you.

    i can type what i am feeling,
    but you will never see it.

    if i separate the computer,
    then all it will be is just us to.

    just keep on typing to me,
    i can sense your knees getting weak.

    i have music playing on the computer,
    and everytime i listen its playing a song about you.

    i want to say i am here for you,
    but it will only be said through the computer screen.

    i have thoughts of you walking through my door,
    while i am thinking i am typing you on the computer some more.

    but i am just wishing on a star for us to never part,
    but how do it part where it started on a computer screen.

    DaShawn "Yung Teflon" McNeal

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    tonia18 commented on Computer Love (Original By: Kym)


    ive felt the same way. words said in person mean more than they do on the computer or in a txt

    jansolo commented on Computer Love (Original By: Kym)


    that was beautiful, maybe one day you can read some of my poems

    ginga commented on Computer Love (Original By: Kym)


    Oh yungteflon this is a calamity for anyone who has engaged in internet dating. I have been there nad understand, Also thanks for posting a Forum strand on Poetry Pics. I took advantage of your prompt and I think I really luv, luv, luv that poem I wrote! You are very giving and patient. Ginga

    MsKrystle commented on Computer Love (Original By: Kym)


    Well well well, seems as though we have similar poems. I meant to change my title too. I also did a collabo with another poet. You should check me out sometime. Lata

    scrye commented on Computer Love (Original By: Kym)


    I loved this poem and really felt connected to you I hope you continue to write and let more of us enjoy your obvious talent.

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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