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Reposted (written years ago, but always a lesson well learned and applied): There are times that we feel trapped by our own emotions, while finding ourselves captured by the alluring spell of another. Not all love is perfect, the important self evaluation is to be strong enough to find the power from within to be in control of your own destiny.




Beguile, beget, beset asunder

I betray the spell you cast me under


Dwindling to dwell

Dangling, devour, to have fallen and fell


A slain, I complain; assassin, insane

No sanity, consecrated with pain


Mercy - merciful, unmarried, dismayed

Which you tarried to torture, tempered; afraid


Clawing , cleaving, why crying when

Tempted, trapped in your deceitful den


With grudge, gasping, push-pulling

Sanctified, sexually alluring


Hampering, harping ones heart

Unconcerned, not learned, exploited apart


Worried and weathered, binding in hell

How to dissipate a portentous spell


Vehement or virulent kind of being

I possess now a succinct sight of seeing


The mystic has been tattered and torn

Facing the enmity of a loving scorn


Vindicated from an amorous greed

A once inextricable soul is freed


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JadedJezzabel commented on Controlled


you brought the damn thing here the the time and the rhyme was perfect...........awsome

knight4696 commented on Controlled


Soul - I love the word choice and flow of this piece. Very unique rhyming scheme and the content is definately a lesson well learned - Great write Pal! :) Ken



And yet another one of my personal favorites.... just started playing with the sounds of words and this started running and jumping all over the written page - one definitely done on notebook paper and moved all around to develop a certain meaning and sound. Thanks my friend!

Marsink commented on Controlled


Been there, lost that. your approach is very atypical in structure with alliteration and consecutive lines rhyme. I really enjoyed the intensity and carefully chosen words paired to have their discreet effect! A 10 for shore!

ArizonaPlay commented on Controlled


This has now become my most favorite poem's on here very very dam fine job



An honor and a half - I thank you ... "words are eternal, once spoken they can never be erased from space!"

mamasan commented on Controlled


Ah the web we sometimes spin is of our own making. But, sometimes things can be undone and moved to a new beginning. Perhaps our accountability and responsibility will be what attends to our tears deep within our furrowed cheeks.



Wise words - thx so much for the comments

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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