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This and that often need each other.


Found as I am of cute freckles

I like suntan much better

Fond as I am of quick email

Nothing’s surpassed the love letter


Fond as I am of my import

Wish Detroit would build my car

Fond as I am of a lover’s moon

I’ll still wish upon a star


Fond as I am of daisies

It’s the jasmine that melts my heart

Fond as I am of chocolate cake

I eat last the frosted part.


Fond as I am of hot showers

I prefer two in a bubble bath

Fond as I am flirty winks

I wait for the musical laugh


Fond as I am of pizza

I’d still rather wash it down

Fond as I am of the circus

My favorite’s always the clown


Fond as I am of flying

I breathe relief after we land

And fond as I am holding your gaze

I’d rather slow fondle your hand.


Fond as I am of travel

Best friends are best close to home

Fond as I am of my hairbrush

I always will pocket a comb.


Fond as I am of creating

Lines to be read by a friend

Something inside’s anticipating

To arrive at some smashing good end.

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MindNumbing commented on Counterpoints


This was an absolute pleasure to read, Harv. And the end was definitely 'smashing good' ;) Thanks so much for making me smile this morning.



Blessings your way, Harv

carynontherhine commented on Counterpoints


Harvy, this is so cute and unique of you, I love it! I can relate to the bubble bath of two verses the shower. Much more delightful when enjoyed by two, this liquid with bubbles in. Maybe a star or two floating and I will wish on mine and catch one, you the same? Awesome write my friend!! Hugz



Watch the bubbles! Watch the bubbles! Oops, too late, oh well!

StandingBear commented on Counterpoints


Point...counterpoint....a well written poem relating the significance of one thing needing the other. *Nothing's surpassed the love letter*... Great verses, Great write! Bear



Thanks, there was no fiction is this one. Harv

Marmorl73 commented on Counterpoints


Very well written. I love the rhyme scheme. I am very fond of this poem. :-) A 10 from me.



Thanks, I really appreciate your emotive support. Harv

ginga commented on Counterpoints


Oh Harver, you always know how to balance the id and ego of poetry. A grand scheme of fondness! ginga



How did I manage to leave out the super=ego? I'll have to try harder . . . yes, that is what I should have done before now. LOL Harv

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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