Crying Violins


Crying Violins

Shine Beams touch and tickle your Face.
I slowly glance at the reflections
that glisten on your eyes.
Like a Crying Violin playing deep within you
I understand.

This spark forever keeps me warm.
Lighting the Kindling within me.
Blossoming energy between us.
So we can understand.

Wind sweeps the fields before us.
As our journey starts to begin.
In this Life we travel Endlessly
With these Crying Violins.

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Gracey commented on Crying Violins


WOW, Loved the ending, very very powerful. This is awesome and written so very well :)



thank you i hope you enjoyed it.

cmlestrade commented on Crying Violins


This was so beautiful. Your metaphor of the Crying Violins icreates such a vivis picture. Sort of pulls at the strings of one's heart

dahlusion commented on Crying Violins


This expresses the "weeping violin" within all of us, and lost love is the bow that strokes our strings. Good write!

Forestbird commented on Crying Violins


I am trying to hear some kind of meter in it. It is there, but very internal. And picture is beautiful. Is it also you?



the picture are all mine i will post more.

jademelissa74 commented on Crying Violins


I love the imagery at hand, the amazing way in which you manage to arrange a masterpiece with vivid phrases, and the face value that this piece exhibits. It is deeper than the ocean, yet, smooth to understand its lyrics. Outstanding job!



thank you for your kind words.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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