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I wrote this after reading an article about teen cutting. I myself have tried it when I was younger. This is a very dark but inspirational poem.


You look upon like I'm a freak
With the blade my blood will leak
Easing all my pain with a swipe across my wrist
The euphoria is final with my blades a kissed

Saying I'm crazy for the punishment I pursue
And yet your true feelings you cannot elude
This pain deep inside gets stronger and stronger
Until my urges I cannot control any longer

I hide my feelings behind bleeding veins
Crying with all the cold falling rain
Walking this earth drowned in self pity
Some days I don't want to wake because it's so ****ty

Sleeping in my soul until my heart gives out
Always listening to everyone's negative shout
Your different than all of us so look away
Go die you freak your just a stray

I can only laugh for the things they never knew
So stupid and ignorant never having a clue
We all bleed the same blood when our flesh is broken
For some the physical pain is their token

Raising above the hateful words of human kind
Letting their emotions go in their messed up mind
To swallow all the pain and to let it go
Never letting their true emotions show

Until its to late and the blood runs profusely
The neuse is no longer hung loosely
At the end of their ropes they take their last gasp
For in the end the blade is what they clasp

Holding on to the object who let them free
Filling them with false hope and darkened glee
To late to turn back the hands of time
On themselves they committed the greatest crime

Taking their life because mixed emotions
Drinking the sultry devils potion
Throwing the towel and giving in
For now they live in sin

Truly forgiveness is in their heart
That's the thing God sees as a start
To ask for a second chance for the mistakes they made
For now their plot in heaven has been paved

As the tetanus filled blade falls from their palm
Their emotions finally remain calm
Trusting in his everlasting promise
Rest in peace my brother Thomas!

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muttman1 commented on Cutting


So moving and somewhat sad, I can't evn express all the things I felt going through each line, you have a very profound way with words and I'm sure I will enjoy everything else you have written.

UnworthyFather commented on Cutting


This is truly a beautiful poem, Cowboy. You have a great way with words. Thank you so much for sharing. 10

NightAngel9667 commented on Cutting


I've never cut myself but I have done other things that were harmful to me physicaly,and sometimes I wish that I could have not done them,but there's no going back only forward and when you've hurt yourself to make the pain go away it shows from the scars it leaves behind and its hard to go forward when the past is always there showing itself,I just want you to know I know how you feel.

Rainz commented on Cutting


Ive been a cutter before, when I was younger. I've been a sinner as well. Im paying my own prices, but determined to see it through. I salute you.

sk8ergirl commented on Cutting


wow that was a great poem i can feel what you go through. i used to cut too and i feel for this subject. great write

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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