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    birthdays pass like any other day.
    holidays are gone, they just fade away.
    the days in the park feeding the ducks bread.
    the day of my communion with a veil on my head.
    or even just a day i made funny faces.
    or on the school ground running three legged races.
    looking through each picture somethings gone, somethings missing.
    theres my mom and grandma.
    my sister too.
    but my only question is "where the hell are you?"
    there was nothing keeping or holding you back.
    it just seem that responsability is something you lack.
    days have passed.
    weeks have gone by.
    months have dissolved before my eyes.
    past promises turn into lies.
    everyday my hope for you dies.
    i could care less if you came around.
    because when you do i only frown.
    your three chances are long gone.
    i dont understand what i did wrong.
    im growing up and turning into an adult.
    i didnt have your guidance and i dont need your help.
    so theres just one thing i have left to say.
    and that is Goodbye and Have a nice day.

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    Milkman commented on Dad


    there is nothing worse than a parent who makes promises that they never keep...as a divorced father who was seperated form his kids I know that there are two sides to every story...but you cant lie to your kids they always know in the end.......sorry you had to have such a disappointing parent...perhaps you'll read my untitled 13 to get the other side of the coin

    ladydraeko commented on Dad


    I didn't have a dad growing up so this poem totally spoke to me, I have finally found him and he's a part of my life now chosen by me, but I could see where your choosing to not have more heartbreak by saying goodbye. This sounds like a closure poem something u needed to write for yourself to have peace of mind. Hugs!!!!

    dangedmanjr commented on Dad


    that must be hard...i am a father and couldn't imagine being like that...

    janetdawson commented on Dad


    As some one who has been there i know how it feels and think u did a wonderful job bringing it to life !!!!!!

    Footprints2002 commented on Dad


    Very well done, awesome one

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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