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  • you broke my heart.. now i break your fucking face...

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...Dad left...August 7th, 2010... Havent seen him since...


There i was
Born, placed in your arms.
sacrificing all the harm.
hoping forever that youd stay..
but guess its come to this day..

In a few days...
Ill be more grown up..
Sad thing is..
i know you wont show up..
Why did you go...
what did i do wrong...
daddy im crying..
writing this song...

i miss you so much...
and your in my thoughts..
i wish to see you again
at what ever the cost...

I may hate you so much...
for leaving me behind..
but dont worry..
ill be just fine...

Im living with mommy..
got a new cat...
to fill up the hole...
lets leave it at that..

I have all your things..
reminding me of you..
pictures, poems, drawings too..
remember last year...
Valentines day..
that chocolate rose..
I bought you anyways...
its in my room...
staring me down...
making my head spin round and round...

So on February 8th...
my birthday wish for that day..
Daddy come home..
Come see your girl...
your whole wide world...
so pained and hurt..

Daddy i miss you...
Daddy i need you too...
What am i gunna do...
when im lost...
scared, no where to go...
wont find my way back home...

I love you...
Please come home...

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WingedWolf commented on Daddy...


The loss of a father. You have really expressed this emotion with such strength. I could feel this hurt, even though I've never experienced it before.... you are a wonderful poet. ^^



^-^ thank you. that means alot to me

AlisRed commented on Daddy...


Do you still think he is coming home??? I do not want to call you naive but... It is easier to let go all together, I admirer you hope it is inspirational but even more so sad~Alis



No he isnt coming home. And i wont let go. There is a difference in all people and i believe when the person wants to let go and know its time. they will. Right now. Im not ready.. its only been a year.. and i am a real big daddys girl. VG

ArizonaPlay commented on Daddy...


it's amazing how one can love someone so much for who they and yet them so much for what they do....

HopeOhlarik commented on Daddy...


I have yet to decide if its better for a dad to leave, or to watch him die and a monster replace him. I feel your pain, except my dad didn't leave, a monster took over his body. and he isn't the same now as he used to be =(

sk8erpoet commented on Daddy...


this is really a beautiful poem...sometimes life puts things in our path to test how strong we are, it may not always seem like it is for the best but then it all works out in the end... i am really sorry and this poem hits really close to home...i never met my dad at all and i really do wish i did...great write...remember always dream and never give up...great write..sk8



^^ Thank you ever so much.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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