Daddy's little girl


  • Childhood

    Daddy's little girl

    So many times I have dreamed
    That one day you would be here with me
    When I was but a child
    My tears would fall steadily

    I want my daddy I would cry
    But it seemed you were otherwise occupied
    Time went on by and by

    I thought someday I would need you
    But there were others to take your place
    It never was quite the same
    For I never got to see your face

    Memories I have lost
    Memories that were stolen
    My heart is covered in frost
    The pieces have all been broken

    I wish I could say I loved you
    I wish it could be true
    But it would be all a lie
    This story we have been through

    Still you are my father
    And for the gift of life I thank you
    But all I ever wanted to be
    Was my daddy's little girl

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    freemansvoice commented on Daddy's little girl


    sorry for your loss. I have two daughters and was always there for them. One loves me and one hates me. It's funny, the one I gave the most to is the one who hates me. Hold on to your good memeories.

    ApaqRasgirl commented on Daddy's little girl


    oh this is so sad, but so well done, if only we could change the way things were. great piece, thanks for sharing this with us. love Asha

    gogant commented on Daddy's little girl


    Hi, Alexia. How lovely be this saddened cry...and the father, who missed being able to hug his sweet "Daddy's little Girl"..............g



    Thank you for the compiment and taking the time to read it Gogant, I appreciate it!

    Bettysrainbow48 commented on Daddy's little girl


    This is a beauitfull poem. You can feel pain in it.You expressed it well. Great Job



    Thank you Betty! I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read my poem!

    DBJohnson commented on Daddy's little girl


    I enjoyed this, it had a great flow to it as if you where able to tap into your emotions a release them upon the papar like a canvas. I think the best poems we write are the ones about our deep emotions and when we write them we are able to release them. This is our form of art, beautifully done keep it up.



    Thank you DB! what a beautiful compliment!

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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