Dance of Death


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Poem Commentary

This poem was constructed as a duet between me and a fellow poet that i thoroughly respect (beautifuldeath).

Dance of Death

Dance of Death

Emptiness, Loneliness, Destroy this life!
What is anything that lasts forever?
It's nothing but an endless night!
Sure there are days among them..
But they pass like the raging sands
That uncover hidden objects buried in the dessert land..

Walking..Jogging..Running forever..
Never going anywhere..
Never making any progress..
You look at me. But I'm not there..
Forever my tormented soul will walk the land of bare..

Monotonous, countless, noxious
My footsteps never fluctuate
Never vacillate
Malevolent and muted
I continue this ominous journey

Menacing whispers inhabit the night
Sinister shadows emerge
Fading silently
Leaving tiny remnants
Our ghosts of past

I live for nothing
Innate to death
My soul is dead
My body's left

Spawning from the death of time
Some would live. I would die
Its ok that I have nothing
Its ok that I was done wrong
Its ok, I'll put on a smile as I whistle
The Sirens deadly song

Her eerie tune invades my body
Venomous poison coursing
Through every cell
Seeking retribution
Seeking my soul

Inauspicious appendages
Malformed and serrated
Grasped for me
Veiling my fate
Coercing my silence

Yet I am able to scream
A scream so loud it's silent
The fear that overwhelms will soon turn into violence
Thrashing about like a mad man I think unto myself
But it seems that all my thoughts are gone. My only thought..
I need no help!

Will I be the ghost of tomorrow?
The ghost of yesterday's regret
Or will I remain
Forever invisible? Forever dead?

My journey before me lies challenged
A visual bloodbath
Scattered across the land
Throughout my soul

The crestfallen moon lays waiting
In the oppressive sky
Hungry with vengeance
Dispersing ghosts of iniquity
Dancing in decadent choreography
To the alluring voice of darkness

As the dance of death continues
My heart beat must grow still
The sun will rise In minutes
Finish this we will

We dance harder and faster
As the hot burning flames rise over the deep abyss
Fueled by native calls of rage and pain
Just as the morning sun break's the moon lit sky
Our bodies start to dissipate as we wonder why

We cannot seem to understand why we don't exist
Trying to break the bond between reality and this
Just like sleeping beauty broke her curse with but a kiss

But I fear there will be no such fairy tale ending for us
We will continue to walk tenaciously
Through a claustrophobic forest of lies
Surrounded by a fog of uncertainty

"Waiting for our demise"

AngelOfDeath and beautifuldeath

2009 (All Rights Reserved)

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RHPeat commented on Dance of Death


It's to long saying the same thing over again. It needs to be cut in half and made into two poems, or even made into three poems. It wears a reader out in it's continuous tone or drudgery. You need to have opposite kinds of images to create a starkness. Something for the macabre to work against. Innocence next to divine. Softness against hardness. A rose next to a grave. A snuffed lamp in darkness. A fire burning flowers. A white glove on a calloused hand. You want starkness create it with opposition. That's stark! You have the mundane as boring. Make one thing work against another. Like a knife's edge flowing away from silk.

When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA

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