Dancing with Mommy


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    Dancing with Mommy

    Hold me tight don't let me go
    Wrap your arms around me
    Say you love me always still
    The music keeps me happy

    As we dance around the floor
    Our moves in time together
    Twirling, spinning, moving round
    Our dance shall last forever

    Look into my eyes
    They are full of love
    You've given me hope
    From up above

    So tell me now
    That you love me
    That will make this story
    Begin so happpily

    Through the night
    And throughout the day
    There are so many things
    We both want to say

    My love for you
    Is as a child
    Holding you
    Is all worthwhile

    No word can say
    How I feel
    When I'm with you
    Those tears are real

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    almartin1993 commented on Dancing with Mommy


    oh wow, written with great passion, love when people write of devotion and love, it brings tears of joy...

    WinterFrost commented on Dancing with Mommy


    That is very sweet You must love your mum a lot Winter

    Gertrude commented on Dancing with Mommy


    I loved it! It made me think of the times I danced with my daughters when they were babies. Twirling and singing a song I made up with their names in it. You wrote my life this time.

    Paolo commented on Dancing with Mommy


    Here we get the chance to witness two people bound in a moment and you get a sense for the turns they make on the dance floor, in it there is almost glee, but even so we are shown how much a person, a mother means to a child, spinning, spinning, spinning...

    mysticmynd commented on Dancing with Mommy


    I felt the sweet gentleness of a mother loving her child through your words. I put to lighters up and a snap for you.

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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