Darkness Rises


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I drove through fog today; and had to paint something dark......

Darkness Rises

Cold morning comes,
Familar smells embrace me,
Darkness surrounds,

Blinking of my eyes,
A tired yawn,
I look around,

Room far darker than normal,
Opening of the shades,
Seems to only add to the mystery,

No light to truly be found,
A rolling fog,
Creeps slowly across the yard,

Thick like a rich soup,
Its tendrils reaching out,
Land seemingly weeping at its touch,

Early this morning,
Figure it will burn off,
Wandering off to shower,

To do those morning things we all do,
Shaving to impress no one,
Brushing of teeth,

Daily things before work,
Not stopping to truly notice,
The darkness rising,

Keys in hand,
Leather coat around me like armor,
I step outside,

Only then did I realise,
Sensing something truly wrong,
This essence seemed to be watching me,

Car open,
Taking a seat in my captain's chair,
Rumble of the engine,

Lights engaged,
Fog screams for a moment,
Pulling itself away,

Almost as its being burned,
Soon the tendrils,
Return as quickly as they retreated,

Backing out slow,
Off the driveway,
Never shaking that feeling,

That I'm being watched,
Silence of my heartbeat,
Is deafing,

Each beat,
Fog seems to dance forward,
with the rhythm of my heart,

I put the car in first,
Moving forward,
One gear; then the next; and so on,

Darkness seems to consume all that's behind me,
Always seemingly a whisper away,
No matter how fast I go,

Or how far I travel,
Those tendrils continue to reach for me,
Swirling mass of madness,

Dark fog cares not,
What it eats,
It just needs to consume,

Like the old gods of legend,
Even the light,
Precious, precious light,

Seems no match for this,
Until the car starts to sputter,
Fear grips me in its steel vice,

Coasting to a stop;
I try the key,
Over and Over,

Realising not,
Simply I have ran out of gasoline,
The darkness rolls up so fast,

Fear continuing to play my strings,
Battery ran dead,
Nothing holds the fog back,

Morning birds call out,
In my mind,
Warning me of impending doom,

Until there a small light,
It seems to growing,
Darkness growls at new intruder,

Hope seem to swell,
Finally breaking free,
My body moves;

Opening the door,
Simply I run,
Towards that most beautiful light,

Until it becomes too bright,
I realise its too late,
Crashing into that car,

The darkness simply laughs,
Moving to consume,
Another soul in its timeless game,

Eyes open,
Yet no screams come,
Nothing seems to work,

Doctors look over,
Sadness as they speak,
Words I hear,

"There is nothing left of him,
No he's not dead,
Just seems to be trapped,"

Laughter I hear,
Understanding the game finally,
Darkness didn't want me then,

When it could have me forever,
Feasting upon my soul,
Locked in this cage it created,

Tears fall,
Knowing how the fool I've played,
And then; nothing but darkness.

Clinton Trapp '13

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T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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