Daughter of Eve


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    Daughter of Eve

    I am the daughter of Eve

    Bastard child of Satan

    Conceived out of lust and miss education

    Of not knowing that we all can fall weak to the flesh

    I am the stepchild of Adam

    Who lay with my mother Eve

    Too late to nourish her seed

    And erase the spawn from my father, which was I

    I follow in my mother's footsteps

    Hopeless and desecrated from Satan's manhood

    Laying in a bed of sin

    And drowning in my own tears

    Never acknowledging that I could be

    So much more than the slanderous daughter of Eve

    As I stand in the mirror I see her face

    Her hair, her breasts and her vagina

    A vagina that led her to shame

    The shame, which is now infamous to her name

    I am the daughter of Eve

    Born with her faults

    Doubting my abilities

    And succumbing to my iniquities

    Cursed by her lips

    Of whom she chose to kiss my father

    I am the bastard child of Satan

    Crawling on my knees

    Begging God to love me please

    And judge me not for Eve's sins

    For I am nothing more than her mere kin

    Craving the Father's warm embrace

    And his forgiveness

    Washed in his blood

    I am now the child of God

    Reborn into a world of devastation

    Wanting only to give my love

    To you and you and you

    Sons and daughters of Eve

    Brothers and sisters in Christ!

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    JuanAntonio commented on Daughter of Eve


    I love this poem, especially the reaccurring theme of the original sin, and that all are dirty from jump(sinners). Of course the ending was right on key, expected, but effective non the less.

    tskiki commented on Daughter of Eve


    I am the son of adam, son of god lustfully desireing eve her sin she wears in forever persona but if not for it I would never have known her for now that i do my lust is desire and ultimately together we mold a new humanity from our essence

    EbonyQueen48 commented on Daughter of Eve


    wow, I am impressed with this poem, very very creative and it shows you have a poetic mind, I never thought of nothing like this, I love this poem, congratulations on this wonderful piece.

    Rainz commented on Daughter of Eve


    Inspiring faith and devotion amidst trials and tribulations. Well Done!

    DeepEclipse commented on Daughter of Eve


    strong honest emotions in this peace. Makes me look in a different perspective.

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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