Dear Father


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    Dear Father

    Dear father


      Dear father I know you where never there

    But its okay, it’s okay

    Because I understand why


    You got deported from this country

    To them you was just another monkey

    Trapped in this jungle

    Had to hustle just to survive

    In this mother freaking struggle……..


    Dear father I know you where never there

    But its okay, it’s okay

    Because I understand why


    But just because you were deported

    Doesn’t mean you couldn’t call

    Or was it that you hesitated

    At the phone and stalled

    And was it that you was afraid

    to push The buttons and call

    I mean I understand it and all


    But every once every six months

    Hearing voice just wasn’t good enough

    I had to fell your touch….no homo

    And I still love you very much


    Dear father I know you were never  there

    But its okay, it’s okay

    Because I understand why


    Dear father with out you

    It’s just been harder

    But youl always have a Place in my heart

    I loved since the start

    It’s been six years

    Since the last time we’ve meet

     ohh dear that long

    Im grown now father

    But really all I need is my mother

    That’s wat I always say but deep inside

    I need you to………..


    Dear father I know you were never there

    But its okay, it’s okay

    Because I understand why

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    KeithAColeman commented on Dear Father


    had me at the title. i see myself in this poem. thanks for opening up and shaing such an emotional writing with us.

    ApaqRasgirl commented on Dear Father


    such a sad and touching write my friend......your emotions are so clear and true to your is a shame that we get separated when we need each other I am separated from my son at this time, but I know his is well cared for and loved by his father.....wonderful write asha

    Olan01 commented on Dear Father


    True, to many men divorce their children along with their wives and it a nearly 50% divorce rate in this country so the number of fatherless children are a very high percentage of that percentage. In some cases it is a mother who abandons the children. Many of the abandoning spouses suffer depression and do not seek help or medicate themselves with alcohol. You understand is courageous and a cry for reunion.

    shakeme4life commented on Dear Father


    i felt the tears welling up in my eyes as i read this , i thought my fatherless child , myself being raised without my father , very heartfelt ...

    HopeOhlarik commented on Dear Father


    Very sad, I'm sorry that you and your father were ripped apart in such a way. No one deserves that. Good write, I see it as I feel it is, a vent. A release of the emotions that you can't tell others. Good job! 10 from me.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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