Death and Fate


Death and Fate

He is the bringer
of mass destruction;
play his game-
play it well.
There is no room
for second chances-
win or loose
and close the deal.
Bluff and find
his hand is better;
bet and all to soon you find;
death does not
rely on chance,
when it comes
to frame of mind.
taste all the sweeter,
when prelude
to bitter guile.
You are weak,
he's always stronger-
do not fight,
give up your life.
Fate steps forth,
it's time to forfeit;
cash your chips
reserve your place;
After all,
life is but a passage-
a single story,
played out on a page.
A page of life
that has been written
and it is

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Mareann commented on Death and Fate


Right on! ... you gave strong testimony on this. Great Job! powerful, meaningful words, loved it. thanks for posting. Mareann

bforibus commented on Death and Fate


very gloom. so without hope this character is. its acceptance of death makes this character the most dangerous of all emotions.

mamasan commented on Death and Fate


Yes, indeed the page of violence and injustice and destruction has been written; seemingly, over and over again thru the ages. Indeed I feel the sordid mess history is playing out for us to witness; is the same old story of man seemingly bent on a suicide bent. And, I wonder, if that is why man is looking to enter a new exploration outside of t he realm of earth and in to the moon. May it never happen; or I am sure the devastation they have wrought here will follow them there. Just recently when they bumped purposely in to the moon to look for water; I seen in my mind's eye....the picture of that great American Indian with tears running down the worn furrows of his face. Aye.......aye.......

rougepriest commented on Death and Fate


interesting poem the way you use death and gambling to make the point and end with a book, cool the way you did that

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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