Death Is Only Death


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Jodi death is only death keep your concerns for life,
For life is eternal never ending and continuous forever...


Death Is Only Death

"Death Is Only Death”

Death is only death,
my concerns are more for life,
to be in this fight for Our Lord above,
easing our stress and strife.

Death is only death,
my feelings are more for peace,
praying to Our Lord in heaven above,
hoping our fighting will cease.

Death is only death,
my care is more for Love,
spreading this message in written words,
inspired by Our Creator above,

Death is only death,
my emotions are filled with joy,
by eliminating all the games in life,
for every little girl and boy.

Death is only death,
it’s something we all go through,
so fear ye’ not when someone say,
yes death is coming for you.

Death is only death,
it’s something we can’t resist,
and when I’m dead and gone,
you’ll find I still exist.

Death is only death,
I’ll fear not of it’s sting,
it only means I’m dead - not gone,
for another Our Lord will bring.

My spirit returns now born again,
to live in the flesh of another,
always alive for eternity,
as I live through my sisters and brothers.

“Always - Forever And A Day,” (1 Corinthians

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Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.