Death is Simple


Death is Simple

Listen here I beg of you to learn
Death is not a token, not a pleasure for you to earn
It comes from sin and separates the divine
It’s not a dream but sleep intoxicated with wine
So please hear and try to live a life of worthiness
Having GOD being in your tongue, all praise and happiness
Wages of sin is death, read Romans 6, and see the irony
Separating your soul from your body is vanishing physically
You become simply dust, decaying to a world of zero
The things of your lifetime is just memory
Being nonentity is now your reality
Incarnation to the non-existent, wondering to and fro
A process of fertilization where maggots grow
Separating your soul from GOD being dead because of cause and effect
Adam disobeyed and hid from GOD putting on clothes, deadly catastrophe
Spiritual death not being in love with the divine FATHER
Wicked just running away from righteousness, the truth of a miracle blessing
In fact just look around and see the after math, is it not sin and death ragingly kissing !!!
Be awaken for if you die your nothing, you sleep into the earth not traveling

They all want to die in peace and enter heaven
Have you loved your life and gave it bread
Were you in control being ignorant of the GOSPEL?
You went around teaching false doctrines so how dear you say you’re not in hell
Judgment day coming, being dead you’re just waiting in your sandy and dusty cell
CHRIST spoke the word and you heard the bell
You are now resurrected, not incarnated, but giving a yell
The heat is scorching, fire burning, and volcanic flames of this brutal jail
Sorry but they lied to you, death is not sweet and that angel is fatal
Among the fallen, being a watcher, his meal is served, you’re on the table
There is no such thing as incarnation to a bunny
The idea of going to another dimension when dead is phony
Realize that you have one chance to live but one fact to die
So why do you listen to these ridiculous myths of Buddha and karma
Taken from the Bible and rearranged for your destruction
Used by the media incorporating magic for your delusion
Seriously are you that dense not to see your life is an illusion
Brutal degeneration, distracting motion of troublesome dark portion, lying manipulation
Temptation and seduction of vicious fornication, spiritual adultery of false religion
Possession and obsession of demonic corruption, tracts of bloody business operation
As the trace of pitiful desolation of sorry souls of media intercession
Be of good warning of a new world order, death is simple and is an old world division
No caring of age or race, with no discrimination and no segregation
Death comes and stay knowing all sinning to hell lake fire of nasty oblivion



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Coltsfan777 commented on Death is Simple


you have such an awesome message that you pour out!! Were warriors ready to battle the demons of hell but with the strength of God and his army we will overcome the sin of this world and have victory over death! Another great write!! God is good all the time!!

DyFriend02 commented on Death is Simple


Death is the wrong way to go, be saved and try to live for God the best you can your not perfect and he knows that but he want's you to do your best to be Christ Like.... if people would see it in that term couldn't we all make him happy? But most important stay away from Idles. They are a sin they are death and pray for the ones who follow the wrong path for the need light. that's a marvelous poem, and it speeks the truth. Amen May you always be blessed

ahardwalk commented on Death is Simple


Refreshing poem death is easy living, living for God is the challenge.

julianzook commented on Death is Simple


Its sad to see someone with your lyrical talent be subject to such close minded views about religion and god. Your words slandering others beliefs also contradict your own, and by the way Buddhism was created 4-6 centuries before Christ. Your passion is obvious and i appreciate it.Very entertaining piece you have here though. Keep it up.



about buddhism...know that its a form of paganism....and yea before CHRIST.......lots of religions exist before CHRIST in fact even at the time of abraham paganism existed......where do u think voodoo comes from......old times bro.......very very old........GOD IS CHRIST JESUS AND LOVES U true history of atlantis GOD BLESS IN JESUS CHRIST NAME bro....... please read his grace is sufficient and his pain our salvation read also shake and wake

sandro007 commented on Death is Simple


I've been looking for something good to read today and I have to say.. that was Great.. I love the lesson and all those who reads this and take it for granted I feel sorry for you all.. that was Biblical Beauty



GOD BLESS IN JESUS CHRIST NAME bro....... please read his grace is sufficient and his pain our salvation read also shake and wake

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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