Deaths Tendril


  • Death

    Deaths Tendril

    Disconnected polymonger, soul voyager torn from flesh,

    Enter ye into heavens gate, where entwining spirits mesh, 

    As Gratitude leaks from a dying heart,( time not well spent )

    Longing for eternal rest, how much more shall you repent?

    Death offers not its sighing relief, (you forget yourself in err)  

    Exhaling so quietly, castigating, reliving each second as a day,

    Across deaths shadow, mercies tendril burns brightly, fast,

    Trimming a course, upon laden seas of forgotten memories past

    Hearty speck of consciousness, burning, wistful flame

    Prodigal creator, placate thyself with vanities    mirror game 



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    laurilang5 commented on Deaths Tendril


    This is a rather cruel view, but then, so is Death. Precise, unforgiving, rather painful promise, I hope you aren't correct! Last line humbles me.. makes me question the worth of the creation. Stimulating food for thought, well done.

    stellar commented on Deaths Tendril


    Your poems are kind of making my mind...ahhm let us say open me to another planes and horizon and I love that immersion...Introduction is so great...I particularly like the line...soul voyager torn from flesh

    knight4696 commented on Deaths Tendril


    RP - I am guessing .. But I believe what your talking about here is Purgatory. The vast sea of lost souls whose only existance is their longing to pass thru Heaven's gate - but they must earn it's entrance by revisiting their lives and professing their sorrow for their unworthy pasts. Well ... that's what I read anway. A great piece of work, my friend. Ken

    inspiredbyluv commented on Deaths Tendril


    Reall Really good naw chicken is good that was great!! You truley have talent and i will be reading more of your work keep it up!!

    SuperChick76 commented on Deaths Tendril


    Lotta big words. Lol. Nicely constructed, a good strong flowI found the point was hard to reach, maybe being a little more precise what you're trying to say. Nicely written, good job. I truly enjoyed reading it, as I always do. :)



    um the point is writen in the first letter of each line reading down, if you would actually read it you would see its about death, and the tunnel taking you there

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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