Debating the Goddess


  • Romance

    Debating the Goddess

    Parson Tomsson took a call

    Yankee that he was

    Down to Appalachian holllow

    and he only knew, because


    Something drove him down there

    Some spirit fire within

    Unction for new sermons

    To save the flock from sin


    Tomsson’s son had gone away

    College days had beckoned

    No one ever from the hollow 

    Got there, Parson reckoned


    Thought it might be just the thing

    Invite his son on down

    To the little country gospel sing

    And share his guitar sound


    Harv was just a greenhorn

    ‘bout Southern social stuff

    But once they heard that guitar riff

    He impressed them sure enough


    One was the deacon’s daughter

    The local apple blossom queen

    She had cheeks that fairly glowed

    And the greenest eyes he’d seen.


    Eighteen to his twenty

    And beauty to his brains

    But how to make connection

    The logic fairly strains


    He didn’t know her secret fear

    Not knowing her true worth

    For she was trapped in Appalachia

    And had been since her birth.


    She tossed her walnut curly mane

    And sauntered where he stood

    With arms akimbo softly drawled,

    “Bet you think you’re pretty good.”


    She wouldn’t even ha’ wasted time

    Except for her heart’s flutter

    But Harv was staggered by her openin’ line

    Still, he managed not to stutter,


    “And I bet you liked that beauty prize

    When you wore that crystal crown.”

    With that she twirled and spun away

    Leaving Harv to win the round.


    And though his friends who witnessed all

    Thought Harv was downright witty

    He later knew he’d blown his chance

    With a maiden truly pretty.


    If he had it all to do again

    He’d affirm her keen perception

    Thank her that she thought so, too,

    Then wait for her reception.


    For Southern women, even country girls

    And those of comely worth

    Still want their man to flatter them

    As the goddesses of earth.

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    wheelsal commented on Debating the Goddess


    Your humor is superb and is this a love lost or your chestnut haired wife? Hope that is how you won your beautiful love. You amaze me. Sally



    NOOOOOO! - This one was for the life lesson, Cricket!



    Or Grasshopper, if you prefer.

    Olan01 commented on Debating the Goddess


    This is very well written story of attraction, Harv love it. It is witty, romantic and weaves a find tale. Olan.



    Beauty that she was, Harv knew from the start, she wouldn't leave her valley, and he wasn't ready to stay. Besides. . .he was damn Yankee. LOL Harv

    jeanpnkldyg commented on Debating the Goddess


    I really enjoyed this. The cultural context of Parson, college son... and visuals. I must plead ignorance as to why the 'crown' comment would have offended. Still, a beautiful piece!



    Hey, this is a small paraphrase. She said, "I bet you enjoyed yourself up there." To which ol' Harv replied, " I bet you enjoyed winning the beauty pagaent." The rest pretty much happened as the poem said. She invoked sardonic, she received sardonic. She walked away miffed. It just didn't play the way she thought it would.

    ginga commented on Debating the Goddess


    Harv, I be;lieve the wide majority of women crave flattery and don't mind beingh referred to as The Goddess of the Earth. This poem was quite witty and entertaining and I ebnjoyed your spin on the country ;lass. ginga



    Smiles and bows, repeat. Harv

    sk commented on Debating the Goddess


    Brilliant! "Vanity, thy name is woman!" Soo true! No matter how young or old, we women always want to feel beautiful and desirable in the eyes of men be they ours or somebody elses. Great insight and as always, impressive vocabulary!



    Thank you Suzie. Harv

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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