Decision Maker


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We are always forced to make decisions. Some will be good while others bad. Learn how to choose the right choices for there are always conquences for your actions.

Decision Maker


Dear whoever this may concern

I write this poem so you can learn

My decision making process I take

With fine precision as my eyes wake

I can’t go out into this world alone

My silent heart awaits to be known

As my hands shake with such fear

To find answers I need to see clear

Some choices we have come at a price

Truth in something makes you think twice

Is it a gift that you can treasure and receive?

How do you know that this will relieve?

So many different roads we can follow

Heavy burdened hearts and others hollow

Are we sinking deep or swimming afloat

Are we trusting God to be our lifeboat?

There’s so much that we don’t understand

I need to move forward and take a stand

For we cannot survive this world unarmed

Signal the warning that we will be on guard

Do you have an army or do you fight as one?

Is your faith secured in money or God’s only son?

Can you say it to my face that you love the Lord?

Or are you the type that turns away all bored

Why is it so hard for us open up our hearts?

So many are lost and need brand new starts

Will we ever find the courage to amount?

To something by walking and living it out

This world whispers with its cold breathe

The chilling effects that can bring us death

Choking us all with a false sense of peace

There’s no reality like Jesus that will release

Look away when the black clouds pass over

It’s time to give praise and worship Jehovah

We can settle for less but what is the point

When God blesses us and comes to anoint

Give the creator the credit he has earned

Otherwise let your soul become burned

Cause there is only one way to be saved

The blood of Christ was shed and engraved

Into our very souls so we could see your face

When we leave this world to enter Your place

Brett Fletcher


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Worthless commented on Decision Maker


so true in so many ways.. Love it! keep up the good work!

winterkou commented on Decision Maker


awesoem write bro, we need to always keep our faith and focus on the bigger pic in life, Jesus, the eternal son of God. great message

am2anangel commented on Decision Maker


beautiful write so full of truths and meaning. well done. -Tonya

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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