Descends the Darkness


Descends the Darkness

Clouds gather in the sky
darken the colors of the landscape black
shut off the warmth of sun
block the promise of starry night or moon light
promise only loneliness in the dark and
rain to dampen and drench any smoldering
ember in the soul.

Darkness descends heavy
blinds the soul's eyes to hope
surrenders the spirit to despair left groping helplessly
the darkened path becomes a pit
casting body and soul into its dark hole
with no escape.

Thrust down with tattered scrapes
under clouds that cover with darkness
to land in blackest pit.
The soul gathers itself
huddles wounded and bruised
collects the wet and cold like blankets
and shakes from fear and fate.

Gazing upward for hope of light
reaching outward for helpful hold
sunk down in despair and futility until
hunched over gathered knees
head bows to mix tears with rain
blood runs with mud and water
as the soul surrenders to
gathered clouds
descended darkness and
blackened pit.

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ivecute77 commented on Descends the Darkness


well thought out and written bravo

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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