Difference tween a Ho & Lady


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This common scenary could've easily been me , you , or anyone else for that matter , so before we throw stones , take time to remember it's a person who's weaing the label we've selected, each time we promote the negative about a person

Difference tween a Ho & Lady

Difference between a Ho & Lady

Is only her experiences , one has been protected,
and is saved from some of the world's dangers.
The other has been violated , disrespected and has
lost her sense of self worth and confidence.

The difference between a Ho & a Lady , is just a self respecting man, who will take time to teach her how
to be the Lady the Ho was meant to be.

The difference between a Ho & a Lady , sometimes
is the lack of strong ,respectful ,caring male role modes
in the Ho's life .The Lady has had the privilege of
being guarded and her rights were stood up for .

Difference between a Ho & a Lady may be the fact that she is off the path of righteousness and has
to reach up  for her spiritual father .

The difference between a Ho & a Lady is a naive factor ,
she's learned from being exposed to
risque situations, allowed to freely wander
and make mistakes, not taught what it is that
makes her of value (her spirituality, spirit, heart , mind , her insight, character, charm, and that she is the
missing part to her he.

The difference between a Ho & a Lady ,are sometimes the jealous women in the Ho's life, they should be encouraging , enriching, helping to grow , instead
they manipulate, use them, sabotage her success,
then justify these foul actions by saying it was training .
the Lady has been shown respect , and has had her attributes praised....

The difference between a Ho & a lady , is the way they deal or have dealt with pain , pain of loss , pain from abuse , pain from being shamed , or the pain of the failures she's encountered in life .
some keep their dirty little secrets under lock and key,
others put each other down , to temporarily make themselves look better,some began to put all their love & trust in the first piece of a knight in shinning abuse , be it verbal , emotional , or physical abuse .

Difference between a Ho & a Lady , is the Ho is at the mercy of whom ever crosses her path , till she learns to put her creator first ,and love herself flaws and all .

RDH 10/29/2010

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gregster commented on Difference tween a Ho & Lady


ha nice .read a virtuous women and madame eve on my list.we covered same topic but very differently eh......ur a great writer



thank you I read virtuous woman tonight ... and it's what women who have a relationship with the creator , pray to be ..

Len commented on Difference tween a Ho & Lady


This will go into my fav's!!!!! You showed the fact that though there are many ways that the two are different, and made it known that there is only one reason why. Great JOB!!!!!!

vowens commented on Difference tween a Ho & Lady


I like ur poem and u did a wonderful job showing the differences between a Ho & Lady



Thank you .....Vowens ... i hope i covered a wide basis , if you have any input that i may have left out please inbox me ....thanks for commenting

Olan01 commented on Difference tween a Ho & Lady


I like your proverbs about a Ho and a Lady and it is well written. Olan.



Thank you , i know it's kinda raw , yet , in my spirit i needed to write this .. appreciate your comment .

JadedJezzabel commented on Difference tween a Ho & Lady


I enjoyed the poems....and do agree with some of the points you made.......as a LADY who works in the sex industry (no I'm not a ho...but i do run/manage an escort service here in Las Vegas) I've got to say no two situations or girls back grounds are alike. Every girl I've worked with in the last 20 years has had their very own reasons for doing what they do and how they do it and very few of them are the same. Just like any other industry their are successes and their are failures. One common thread that does seem to apply to a large majority is lack of adequate education and job skills that will earn a living wage in the good ole USA. As well as early/single motherhood and a desire to want to provide well for their kids. It is a common misconception that adult service providers are promiscuous, sexually irresponsible and sexually damaged.......i must be real and inform you that the vast majority do not engage in unsafe sex practices or have multible sex partners in their personal lives. The vast majority do not go on a call saying to them selves "i'm going to go screw this man for 200 bucks" thats what a ho does.......a professional adult service provider says to herself " i'm going to go on this call and get as much money for as little work as possible" and they hit the customer in the wallet hard. and they go on about their business, leaving whatever happened in that room......in that room.....period. in my oppinion a ho is not getting paid and buying houses and financial security for the future and school tuition for her kids......but ladies who get paid big money (we are talking 500,000 plus yearly) for the promise of sex do.



i hear you on that , yes there are variations , however this poem is talking about the stigma surrounded women who have had many sexual partners , i myself was only saying that i believe something happened to these women to want this lifestyle in most cases, the sex industry has these women as well , they also have the women who have game and can get paid ,this is what they want at that time , for the women who are looking for love in all the wrong places and end up getting nothing more than a couple of kids , dead end promises , and a sexual track record.... they tend to be viewed as damaged material , and it's a judgement society has placed apon them...

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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