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    I have to apoligize to those who were kind enough to read and comment on this poem prior to me writing the commentary.  I had wondered after it had a few comments if I had portrayed a different message than what I had meant to.

    Personally, I wish there was more information on this disorder.  At times the symptoms are confused with Schizophrenia, which in my opinion says there is not enough info on this disorder.  To me it was next to impossable to even try to speak to a doctor about it, and I understand others get this same block.  The blocks in mind are the worst, because for me it's what causes the compulsions.  I just wanted to draw a little attention to something that for years I had thought destroyed me. My poem is about the lighter side, I could never explain what it does to the mind. Maybe someday someone else can. There is hope - http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/ocd/treatment.asp


    Disturbance of order

    To say in the least

    It’s not well understood

    What it actually does


    More often than not

    Actions must be repeated

    The hell you say

     Let me check that again


    Maybe it causes a block

    That will never be moved

    Other times an obstacle passes

     Within a week or two


    The oddest behavior

    Is often displayed

    It’s the craziest thing

    It’s OCD


    I don’t know how it affects others

    I can only speak for myself

    When I decide I’m insulted

    It always makes an appearance

    © Jr 2009

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    stellar commented on Disorder


    Hahaha...i can strongly relate...I have kind of mild ocd which now vanished...Like your other poem it just required a free mind...an attitude of doing your best and come what may...don't let the chain of OCD control you....^_- v



    Thank you, stellar!

    Drivingczar commented on Disorder


    I believe this disorder to be prevalent, just not diagnosed in many since they never go to receive a diagnosis. I also feel it has touched me at times though i never knew there was a diagnosis of such. Thanks for opening my eyes.



    Thank you, SBear!

    knight4696 commented on Disorder


    Well ... You've certainly captured the different effects this disorder can display. I don't have it and can't imagine the difficulty it must bring to those who do. It is definately a sad disease and hopefully with all of the science and technology that we have this day in age ... they will find a real cure for it, other than medications. I'm happy that you found a way to deal with it and are able to derive personnal growth from it. In any case ... It certainly hasn't effected your creative side. You are certainly a very talented poet. Keep fighting the good fight and God bless! Ken



    Thank you, Ken!

    SweetSatin commented on Disorder


    Great one! You made me think of sooo many people I know who suffer with this but dont have any outlets. Well that explains why my bad grammer and spelling drives you nuts. Well i think if there was no languages my brain would find a way to communicate. Just wanta let you know the type of artist i am



    Thank you!



    Your grammer and spelling does not drive me nuts, btw, had only ask if it was done that way to bring across a point in the poem.



    The only time spelling upsets me is when extra letters are added to a word that don't belong in the word. I'm going to go ahead and leave this comment in place, but if I see anymore similer to that. Fair warning, it will be deleted!

    GentleT commented on Disorder


    Sorry that you have the disorder, but it hasn't affected your creative ability.



    Thank you!

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