Distant Fire


  • Passion

    Distant Fire

    Didn’t know heaven could be so close

    A stone’s skip ‘cross a pond

    Danced against its far green shore

    To journey yet beyond.


    Nor angel’s breath brought doublemint

    When lips quivered invitation

    Signing eyelids, long lashed shut,

    To lift on exhalation.


    Farenheit is just a word for heat

    Measuring the warm

    Once two accelerating hearts

    Synchronize their form.


    Just a momentary fantasy

    Bursting with surprise

    Inflating warming ecstacy

    Beneath the cooling skies.


    Rooftop hold beheld the glow,

    Great city’s rainbow hue,

    When pearly gates swung softly open,

    The night I first kissed you.


    But where now is that angel?

    And where lies that paradise?

    Must I now camp on distant lees,

    Where fire burns cold as ice?

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    Kanicki commented on Distant Fire


    Harver a delicious passionate swooner of a write! You must have had moon-dust in your hair and starlight in your eyes when you penned this Gem. Love it! It reminds me of a favorite quote of mine: Absence is to love as wind is to fire; It extinguishes the small and kindles the great - Roger de Bussy-Rabutin...keep the kindle burning kiddo:) LOL. You got a lot of Wow in your style...LOL, peace love and light



    Pure thanks, Kanicki. Harv

    gogant commented on Distant Fire


    You show us how a warmness can be taken too lightly, for if it not be true, then we have not lost it. A greatness you have, Harv.....



    Thanks, and a most perceptive comment. Harv

    MindNumbing commented on Distant Fire


    Beautifully written from beginning to end, Harv... but that 4th stanza is golden. Very nicely done, my friend!



    Wait . . . listen! I REALLY like this part that is coming . . . . LOL Harv

    TinaD commented on Distant Fire


    Inflating warmming ecstacy/beneath the cooling skies.....dying as it is born....wow.



    Or, . . . why is it that so much courting takes place in the evening, when pupils grow larger starved for light? Is it because the brain fails to distinguish that source from primal arousal? Or. . . maybe you have something there. . . I like it. Harv ;-)

    ginga commented on Distant Fire


    I feel this is a poem of wooing and passion better than any lovenote. I have to save this swooner to favorites dear Romeo, I mean Harver. ginga



    Next time you're chewing "Doublemint," think of me. LOl Harv

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