do you love me


do you love me


do you love me
yes, no or maybe
passing notes in grammar school
was desperate and free
that possible gratification
came with the fascination
of a pounding heart and sweat

do you love me

now i pray for love
knowing that all prayers are heard
every gasp and every word
sometimes god says, NO

because he has to


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cttgad commented on do you love me


Love the thought of elementary love, so innocent and pure. Thanks for sharing it.Loved this piece.



thank you ctt. i love how you write and will definitely roll around in your expressions and gather some more of your inspiration.

cheronld commented on do you love me


Love the subtle twist to this was cute and light...but also very thoughtful....its funny what you can say....with but a few words....nicely done...Cher



"do you love me"...sounds so despereate a question and something we all chase, even find. i tried to bridge the gap in verse from childhood hopes and dreams of love , to how we seek it as a adults and how sometimes, the answer is negative:)


07/25/2012 then tell me it truly better to have loved and lost....than to never have loved at all....because the fairy tale compared to the reality is really all about the work you put in....isn't it....Not trying to get all philosophical on you at all...."do you love me"....doesn't sound desperate at all...."I am so ready for love" is about the same thing....both represent a want and need that our very souls not only yearn for...but...cry out for as well.....Ughhhh....Ok...I'm done...sorry....Cher



i remenber asking only two mates if they loved me. one said "yes, absolutely". the second one said, " i love the person you are but i am not IN LOVE with you. and yes, it is better to love that lost....etc. i will always try to find love.



That makes you a true romantic at heart....Lucky woman.....and while I can agree with you saying...better to love than not at all....a part of me wonders...can you miss what you never had....forgive me with this chain like commentary....I'm just going through it at present...smh...take care...the end...I promise....*smile*...Cher

Wakeitha commented on do you love me


I like the way you wrote this poem and your right it gots to be in Gods plan.God Bless



thank you and i am glad you agree. have a great day/night :)

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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