Don't eat the forbidden fruit!


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    Don't eat the forbidden fruit!

    God took Adam and Eve and put them in the garden to work
    He told them:
    "I give you every seed bearing plant on the whole face of the earth."
    "Everything else you see I made it, this too I give to the both of you."
    The only rule was don't eat the forbidden fruit!
    Now the craftiest of the wild animals that the Lord made was the serpent
    That told Eve lies
    "If you eat that fruit it will just open your eyes"
    Deceived by the serpent, Eve took a bite
    In spite of what God said
    "If you eat that fruit you surely will die"
    And that was no lie
    Wait, it gets worse
    Then she gave her husband Adam a bite
    That's when they realized God was right
    They couldn't ignore there nakedness in front of the Lord
    God said "What have you done?"
    Adam said "That women you put me here with game me some"
    Eve said "I was deceived"
    So the Lord put a curse on all three
    The serpent will crawl on its belly for the rest of his life
    While Adam will toil the earth to provide for his wife
    Eve was cursed with painful child birth,
    not to mention a menstrual cycle
    Man should not of been allowed to reach out it's hand and take fruit from that tree
    Here is the biggest mistake of man's life
    layed out before thee....

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    Marsink commented on Don't eat the forbidden fruit!


    I enjoyed this, and it's good to see fellow believers share their faith in a public venue. God bless you. I smiled after the childbirth line: very serious,(but, struck me as cute, sorry). Carry on , don't mind me. Great write!

    charles52 commented on Don't eat the forbidden fruit!


    jadedoll: You told this great story so well. You made it your own. I enjoyed reading it, thanks for sharing. Charles

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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