Dream a little Dream


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    Dream a little Dream

    Where do thoughts come from?
    heart's desires,
    the dreams of a dreamer,

    one word,
    with so many meanings,

    minds' eyes,
    leads to so many worlds,
    if we just dare to believe,

    love we feel,
    can move mountains,
    allowing us to endure anything,

    makes us more human than human,
    dream a little dream,
    let the wings take flight,

    one question always asked,
    where dreams dare to come,
    are we simply not the dreams?

    or are we more?
    we have all the answers,
    just not all the questions,

    as sleeps enfolds us,
    in her loving arms,
    welcoming us into her world,

    may your wings spread,
    allowing you to fly,
    letting your beauty shine,

    as I see you,
    truely beautiful in every way,
    embraced together where dreams may come.

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    blueberry commented on Dream a little Dream


    Written very well with a tremendous insight. Thanks for sharing.

    jyothi commented on Dream a little Dream


    IT's a real dream for the dreamer. -----------------------------Touching poem.

    Mandi commented on Dream a little Dream


    Again, I fell a kindred spirit when I read your poetry. I don't have this much free time, but I feel the need to read all your work.

    nlp32216 commented on Dream a little Dream


    This is deep, it's a piece perhaps only deep thinkers can appreciate. I hope not. I will visit your work from time to time. It's amazing, how poets from all over the globe can share simple thoughts, I like this piece



    Thank you; it started out simple.......yet sometimes the jounery with the pen takes you places you didn't think you'd go......:)

    ginga commented on Dream a little Dream


    Poems of dreams always allow our minds to wander and fantasize. This one succeeds in doing just that. ginga



    thanks Ginga........when I get time I'll be very much looking over your work :)

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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