There comes a time where love is fire lined
And the dead aren’t at mind anymore
I think I sought it out too well
I set out full sail on a shallow current
That ultimately ends in destruction
When is it time?
When is it time?
To kill off the forests deeply rooted
In a permafrosted wasteland of a mind

I ate my mind,
I ate my mind,
And threw it up. 

Houston, I’ve got some problems
And time after time
Time proves I cant solve them
So believe me when I say
I am making no progress
My eyes are red
My eyes are red
When will I Oedipus Rex and gouge out the excess expenses?

I ate my mind and threw up an equasion
One for God and one for the impatient
Where will I go when I die?
"Well son, there comes a time
When every man knows his own fate in his eyes"

When is it time?

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PoetWithCancer commented on Emesis


A scary, well-written poem. Although it is one of those poems that contains multiple meanings and is subject to many interpretations, the tone and the general direction are clear and dark. I like the language, such as this fresh original phrase: "In a permafrosted wasteland of a mind." The imagery of eating one's own mind and then vomiting it back up, is very striking and sticks in memory. // This poem moved me, tantalized me (with its multiple possible meanings), and scared me. What more can one ask of a poem? Thank you, fellow poet. 10 is the number. Bye now. --Michael LP, Mr. Poet

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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