Emotional Storm


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    Emotional Storm

    The storm has come and unrest blows upon me,
    I am shaken to do what is right but emotions rains down for all to see.
    Thunderous words fills me with hate and dreaded fear,
    As the pondering of my heart bring my soul to tears.

    I pour out every emotion Like a band would play their song,
    Giving all that I have abandoning the meek for the strong.
    My body is driven into convulsions where I just want this to end,
    And as I bellow out my cries my fit some how comes to an end.

    Tears mark my face like a mask of emotional trauma that has gone a rye,
    And my body tightens up like if it wants to die.
    My hands ache my bones remain brittle to the touch,
    And of this experience I doubt I can take this much.

    I open my eyes to see the world some how take a new,
    For out of this storm of emotional discontent a there is a better view.
    My hands once tightened feel they can hold life once more,
    And the teeth that I have grinded down to the gums want to roar.

    This fear of death I made for myself was in what lie ahead,
    But after living through this I wonder what I had to dread.
    An Awakening of the soul, and what we can truly be,
    For in all this devastation of emotion there is something we all must see.

    It is that through every storm if we do stay our mark and stay where we are,
    That there is always an ending and it is not that far.
    We may be beaten, or filled with doubts that haunt our mind,
    But it is in that place where our conviction is to find.

    Weather it be you fail or die in what you know is your way,
    If you live you will find you come to fight another day.
    Tears will be shed and the end maybe the next fight ahead,
    But there is a way to live without being haunted with dread.

    Let this tale be a hint of what we can surpass if we believe in ones self each day,
    For in the most destructive part of emotional toil we always have a chance to walk away.

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    ShadowEyes commented on Emotional Storm


    very nicely written. I really like it. :) props to ya.

    Realistic commented on Emotional Storm


    Havent read your stuff in a while plott, but i do see improvement in this one... And, i liked it. Bravo!

    mdpoetgirl commented on Emotional Storm


    I like the message of this poem. No matter our rage, we can exercise control and walk away.

    FranzJ commented on Emotional Storm


    who hasn't had a storm - you were brave enough to write about it and pour out your emotions - hopefully all will keep trying

    damaged commented on Emotional Storm


    lovely,hopelessness and bleak full of rage but then gently flows into hopeful and finally peace just like a storm. love it

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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