Endless Fall


Endless Fall

This feeling of insecurity envelopes my body with anticipation,

The stomach clenching feeling you get right before you get into an accident,

My mind is cloudy and I await the fate,

Of which my own wrong directions have brought me,

I knew I was in dangerous territory,

Yet I continued to truck on,

Until I fell with no landing in site,

The fall seems to end,

But only for a moment as I fall into another area of darkness,

I feel the rush of pain in my body from the impact,

And the hopelessness that I continue to fall,

I knew the journey would take me on a path I would not be able to escape,

However, I didn’t know it would end up in this tormenting fall,

Where I beg to hit the ground and feel the pain of a complete landing,

I pray for an ending that will not come,

I then pray for a beginning that has already begun,

I am scared, terrified,

What secrets will I discover,

What awaits me, when the fall stops,

Is that the death of us or the death of me,

Because you no longer need my abilities,

You crash my mind like you crash your computer,

Now all my memory is gone ,

It is now an endless fall,

It has no ending and no more beginning.

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XForeverLonelyX commented on Endless Fall


I feel the same way. Exactly the same way. I keep falling deeper and deeper, and there's no end. Nothing could be worse than this.

bklynrizz commented on Endless Fall


A terrible thing to be hurt by the one you love. I can understand how you want the hurt to stop nor know when it will end. Good use of metaphors.

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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