Evolution of Emotion


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    Evolution of Emotion

    Listening to the combination
    Of drums
    Of bass
    Of electric guitars
    Mixed with the vocals of musicians
    Forcing my ears
    To reach for more
    Of the pulsing sound
    I always like music

    My release from reality is
    A booming reverie in my room
    Where emotions take me over
    Of anger
    Of sorrow
    Of relief
    Where I can be anything
    Go anywhere
    And still have a place
    Just for me when I return

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    NitaBoo commented on Evolution of Emotion


    This is excellent. A very good write...do you mind if I bite? Just the style cuz its surely worthwhile...

    aliciagall commented on Evolution of Emotion


    From what I read I like this best because I love music and it is my haven, so I can identify with you as the writer. Simple and to the point, no guessing, no mystery. Music can make my mood. It takes me away.

    JadedJezzabel commented on Evolution of Emotion


    very descriptive i felt like i was right there with you in you room rockin out.....

    PRober commented on Evolution of Emotion


    good job... I like that, music is the thing that gets you thru a lifetime!

    erriczhade commented on Evolution of Emotion


    you really get it. hats awesome... that is what music is supposed to do for you, to you. I was really surprised because I had no clue this one would be about how music effects your outlook on your emotional view of the world around you.

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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