Extended Circles and Wolves (part 4)


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please read parts 1-3 first to get a feel of the story line and I will write more depending on the feedback thank you

Extended Circles and Wolves (part 4)

     I couldn't believe this, two friends in one night, my whole life was changing. We rode to the Med Center in silence. It was the most painful ten minutes of my life. Chris and I shared a wonderous hopeful moment then the walls caved in. John was now in the ER. Our moment was gone. And my world was caving in around me.
     I chanced a glance at Chris but he was stiff, expressionless, so unlike the boy in love I saw ten minutes prior.
     We arrived at the hospital and were rushed around by nurses and others I vaguely recognized. When we finally got a chance to see John I froze at the sight. His once handsome, pale features lay in taters on the crisp linens. Two of my friends lay in this ER-- attacked by some vicious unknown animal. I felt a tear roll down the side of my face; I watch it fall and shatter on the ground. I can't help but feel like my life had just been dropped and shattered on the linoleum with my tears. John and Maria confined to hospital beds, the whole town distraught, and a fleeting hope for me and Chris.
     I feel a hand grip on my shoulder. I crane my neck to see Chris trying feebly to smile at me. I attempt to smile back but all I do is cry. This is not what tonight was supposed to be. We were supposed to hang out, drink a little, have a bonfire, and go home to warm safe beds. Now my friends lay in cold sanitized hospital rooms. I reach out and touch John's hand, it's cold, unfeeling. I look up to God or Heaven or Buddha whatever is in control of this universe and ask "But why?" under my breath. 
     As my lips close tightly I feel a twitch in Johns hands, I call a nurse over to watch. Looking up to heaven again I ask the same painstaking question,"Why?"
     This time it was more than a twitch he wrapped a finger around three of mine. I begin to cry again, but this time more for joy. He may be sick and swollen but he's still in there, all hope was not lost, not just yet...


     Maria was sent home later that night, ten stitches and much worry later, she was safely at home. I don't want to push the attack she'd get enough of that later but my curiosity was mounting.
     Sitting behind the breakfast bar I give in, "So Maria um what happened?"
     She sighed heavily as if dreading this question then began, "Well, I just finished carving my pumpkin and we started back for the food court to find everybody," she paused as if trying to collect her thoughts. "About half way between the two a large hairy figure jumped out at me. I want to say it was a coyote but it wasn't. It was much bigger. Quite a bit longer too. I hate to say it but it looked almost human like."
     I swallow hard, I knew the wolves sounded weird but I am not going to let my imagination run wild here. This was a wolf attack a standard grey coyote. Prairie wolves nothing more.
     "Next thing I knew," she continued her voice a little scratchy now, "I was pinned to the floor. Everyone running away screaming. I attempted to fight back, almost lost. If it hadn't turned towards the other coyote I don't know if I would still be here. Well I kicked it right in the ribs. It yelped and fell back. I hurried to my feet. Trying to ignore the pain in my arm I stood up. Then they all left and y'all showed up. Just like that." she snapped her fingers with her good arm.
     I stood there in shock, "they just left?"
     "Yeah," she replied half-heartedly.
     My thoughts raced, Why did they turn back? Why now? Why tonight? Why did Chris have to look so good in tights? Wait what? Well I won't find answer in my head. "I need to see John now."
     Maria nodded and to smile wincing as the cut began to split. I just patted her hand and left the room. That was painful, she looked so scarred recounting the events of the night. I can't imagine what talking to John will be like. If he's even able to talk. . . .

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lisaner commented on Extended Circles and Wolves (part 4)


I am enjoying this story very much, and can't wait to read the next part. I think this piece would benefit from some editing. The read is a little bit rough here and there, with some run-on sentences, a word missing, typos or misspellings. Overall a good write.



I fixed what I found and Chapter 5 underway

Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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