Eye On The Sparrow


Eye On The Sparrow

Ah, the brightly falling lightness

Of sparrow fall down

Strewn in snow stained witness

Frozen feathers abound


If God promised watching

He’s reckoning the cat

Gets hell or redemption

For perpetrating that.


Ah, the ominous thud

Of the soldier just thrown

He’s fast leaking blood

From the land mine that’s blown


Since God is surely watching

He’ll forgive the hungry cat

But damn the one to hell

Who just calculated that.

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ginga commented on Eye On The Sparrow


Harver, Although death is imminent here there is something natural and engaging about the plight of the sparrow here. I like this poem but cannot really say why. ginga



I know why, "You've been the hungry cat!" Can you say "fried chicken?" LOL Harv

HIP13044b commented on Eye On The Sparrow


This is a very clever write. I like this a whole lot!!! Action and reaction, with the intent behind each. Nicely done.



Thanks for the read. I feel fortunate to be the recipient of your attention. Harv

Hampton commented on Eye On The Sparrow


The analogy is striking in this cleverly conceived write that provides a message that cannot be ignored. Good write Harv.



Thank you Hampton, and Happy Christmastide to you. Harv

carynontherhine commented on Eye On The Sparrow


I always say you are just to much! Your mind is a time bomb at times I believe with your imagination that runs wild. This is thought producing for me as I traveled along from the frozen bird to the soldier. A cat? No, there is a meaning I know you. You must reveal sometime. I love the write though as it definitely has your signature all over it. Hugz



The poem is a brief commentary on the nature of life on earth. There is a cycle of life due to the predator/prey relationship on the food chain, but then there is the other kind of issue between the aggressor/defensive behaviors among humans toward one another. One of them seems to be a fore-ordained consequence of the fall (from a Christian world view), the other a volitional act that is morally indefensible to be that aggressor toward another human. Both creatures were just trying to stay alive, but only mankind (in this pairing) engages in war. Harv

mustascheman commented on Eye On The Sparrow


Interesting....Certainly well thought out and appropriate for this time we live in. It is a pleasure to read mature, well written poetry on this site, as those are few and far between. Well done. A.T.



Thank you for both reading, and leaving an approbation trail. Harv

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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