• Lost Love



    Your memory 
    can still my soul
    This windy day
    becomes so cold

    The warmth of you
    fades away
    and all my thoughts
    beg to stay

    The song you sang,
    "lover's score"
    I cannot hear

    Know you have graced
    these eyes
    Forever changed
    my life

    I see beauty
    in all I'm shown
    A fallen leaf
    the tree has grown

    Once in my future
    now a part of the past
    Though seasons will fade
    the memories will last


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    MarionYost commented on Fade


    This is a beautiful poem Artie. Sad, The emotions are almost painfully vivid on this. great flow as well. All the best -Marion-

    Musicmynded1 commented on Fade


    Nice Artie... nice... just letting you know that i'm around, reading and writing... miss talking movies wit cha

    Rhymer commented on Fade


    The love and memories of the one you love captured so well in this write. Excellent job my friend.

    devaamido commented on Fade


    Artie, does my "tin ear" deceive me or is your style changing? This is a well done, soft, pensive paean to lost a love. Truly touching.



    Your ear serves you well my friend! lol - Lately I have been stepping outside the normal area. Rather than fight it, I dive in head first and swim. I'm glad you enjoyed this. This was a very serious write for me. Thx for stoppin by - Latrz

    stellar commented on Fade


    poem such as this is my favorite....poems about memories and the way you execute it with restraint and the wonderful imagery leaves a deep imprint to the mind...I love it artie...^_^ v



    I agree with you. Pieces that look into the past are so intriguing to me as well because the past is where we learn from. Thx for the read - Latrz

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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