Failure of my trinity...leaked was in sanity.


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    No the trinity is not in the christian sense, but my levels of being I speak of often, but anyways this is just a story I wanted to share...enjoy

    Failure of my trinity...leaked was in sanity.

    I have awaken in the middle of the street, blood on the hands
    scratches across my cheek, now I don't understand
    this situation as I recall the events
    in lieu of my awakening and all the suspense
    hence I run across to the forest so close
    a car speeds by, unaware I hoped
    I dived into the bushes as my blood rushes
    flushed was my cheek as the cuts start leaking
    blinking and thinking as the car disappears
    looking to my hands, so much red everywhere
    Thus I close my eyes, just to seek what I've done
    I falter into sleep, hypnotism begun...

    I have awaken in my bed distressed
    sweat upon my chest leaked from my forehead
    but I feel different, I feel so numb
    as my body moves I still lie supine
    My woman lies beside me as I kiss her cheek
    whispered backwards words, l evol uoy
    I smiled, got up, walked off, Im stuck
    still not in control, this path is too much
    Into the bathroom my normal routine
    glanced into the mirror, but darkness I see
    the vessel neglects my reflection in retrospect
    I am the sleepwalker, what will i do next?

    I try to wake myself, the screaming soul in my head
    still lying in the forest, I scream to the dead
    leaves I rest in, to uncover this mystery
    of my bloody self in the middle of center street
    Awake for naught at this loud gesture
    eyes wander around, I begin to remember
    but I need more, this isn't an answer
    close my eyes again, mind welcomes surrender..

    I am still in the bathroom, blind to reflection
    turn around, suggesting a shower no question
    I twist the faucet, such scolding hot water
    steam filled the room as I walked to the toilet
    urine down my leg, so many details
    still eyes closed won't awake to this smell,
    I leave the steamy room, one more look at my girl
    beautiful she is, but how can I tell?
    my soul hovers over my vessel's trail
    becoming it's follower, ignored is he
    tear rolls down the cheek of my vessel I see
    walked into the kitchen, sorting through the cutlery
    pulled out two knives, cut my cheek in ecstasy
    so psychotic is this gesture
    my soul see me smile and laughed in this order
    where is my converse mind in this connection?
    transcendent enters the sentient no direction
    this metamorphosis creates a shiver
    down my prone spine, deep sleep in the weather.

    It is raining, I am soaked
    blood stains remaining, a glimmer of hope
    the rain carries memories, so I lay
    numb to the fact that it nears the day..

    In the room now, but it looks so different
    lying on my bed, my woman is sleeping
    I whisper "pu ekaw", then I say it again
    one eye opened up, then a raise of the hand
    my soul screams louder and louder in vain
    as the hand strikes forward in force to the brain
    splatter after splatter, blood everywhere
    the vessel smiles at it delivers death in chore
    her eyes lied open with listless emotion
    a disruption in the process of my trinity function
    the vessel smiles and runs
    unknown what it done
    into the dark streets screaming to the moon
    in one fail swoop, I tripped and flew head first, unconscious brewed and grew...

    I have awaken wet but anew
    to my mystery now knowledgeable
    the sun has lifted its light to the world
    I know now what has happened to her
    walking out the forest, tears in my eyes
    I cannot believe, for my trinity died
    walking still leaking bloody water despair
    into the door still open, bloody palm on tare
    walked into my room, steam still emits there
    correlating with my new found knowledge my mind shared
    looked around the corner into my bed
    there lied my woman smiling, ti's just a nightmare...

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    Olan01 commented on Failure of my trinity...leaked was in sanity.


    Very good and very well formed words about false waking dreams. I used to have them a lot sometime going through the waking process hundreds of times. Sometimes, I would get up and fix breakfast, go to work, put in my 8 hours, come home tired only find I had yet to awaken, smile.



    now that is creepy lol....thank you for the comment and the needed chill to start the day

    knight4696 commented on Failure of my trinity...leaked was in sanity.


    OMG!!! ALTAIR!!! :) Where did this come from? I am use to the metaphoric Altair who amazes me and bow I got the story telling Altair too!! Unbelievable ... I love this! It held me in it's grasp from the beginning to it's amazing ending! Awesome write Pal! :) Ken



    Well you know how I like to switch it up my friend...I do have the capacity to do so stories are so much fun lol

    Musicmynded1 commented on Failure of my trinity...leaked was in sanity.


    tiSh.... im gonna havta finish this later.. duty calls.... great so far tho'

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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