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    Poem Commentary

    I love you, baby(: Jacob, you are my everything... Always and Forever

    Faith & Love

    The Faith And Love We Share,
    Brings Us To The Clouds Up Here
    And I'm Learning What It's Like To Be Happy
    To Be Loved The Right Way.
    A Love Story, So Sappy,
    But I Can't Help It Because
    You Make My Heart Fly Away.
    We Have Faith That This Love Will Last,
    That You And I Will Stay.
    Perfectly Content With You, My Love,
    Even If Not The Distance,
    Because For It Is Sure Said And Almost Done
    I Will Be With You Soon.
    We Will Embrace Eathother In Kisses,
    For There Are Lots To Come.
    We Will Lay In One Anothers Arms,
    So Perfect And Warm,
    I'll Watch Your Eyes As They Glimmer Like The Moon.
    Faith And Love,
    It's Something I've gotten To Experience,
    Once In My Life, So Far, With You.
    Let Our Faith Express Itself,
    Through Our Deep And True Love.
    I Love You!
    For Having You,
    I Thank My God Above!
    (: ---Shelby Hocking

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    Ninjaboy commented on Faith & Love


    aaawwww..... i love oyu too my favorite little cuddle muky =) and you have it quite right, we will be together soon enough to do all that =)

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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