I used to hurt so very bad,
And I still do sometimes,
But, most of my pain has faded,
In my darkness now, there's light.

Sometimes we lose the very thing,
That we love the most,
We don't understand, but God has a plan,
So always hold Him close.

Often we are tempted,
Though it doesn't seem fair,
God promised there is nothing,
With Him that we can't bear.

Satan tries to get in our heads,
To cause fear and anxiety,
Remember that God loves you,
He said, "Be anxious for nothing."

I learned just what faith can do,
If we just have enough,
To believe that God will give,
Peace and joy when life is rough.

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LindasLife commented on Faith


Well I know our spirits are intune.Your love and devotion for God.Without Him there is nothing.Thanks for this beautiful heartfelt poem.

dustydai commented on Faith


Such faith must be felt otherwise you couldn't write it so well, i love the way you express your heart. Your poetry must express your inner beauty. Keep up the good work, never quit!

laydbak1 commented on Faith


For, if there is a will, there is a way..... onward and away from anything that seeks to persecute our hearts and minds.....

kmooney commented on Faith


Keli, you've obviously been hurt in the past. I can feel it in this poem. I, too, went through some very low points in my life. We both share a common belief, and love of God. It's amazing how God can effect our lives if we just have faith. Faith is the means through which we commune with God. I like the reference to 1 Corrinthians 10:13. It shows a personal understanding and love for what God (or Paul) is saying. Faith can heal many wounds and can make the burdens of live seem less over

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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