Fate Be My Own


Fate Be My Own

In the past

We both have spoken-

This love is but a token:

I do not believe in fate,

in this life

Our path we make.

Neither above

Nor down below,

Is there a God

Our seeds to sow.

We make our way

As best we can,

You for you

And I for I

We do our best

To just get by.

And should you find me

To be harsh or cold,

Reality is what

Constructed my mold.

I don’t back down

Nor will I see

The chances of

A second life;

All souls live

And all souls die;

Hence why should one

Believe a lie.

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SEVEN commented on Fate Be My Own


Hmmm...I had to think before commenting on this one....it may have been well written but the point of it all threw me for a loop...but to each is their own as to the thoughts on fate...you may get the answer some day soon....Kudos

earthly commented on Fate Be My Own


WOW!! Very strong and passionate-all we all can do is keep trying as best we can-our fate will be what it will be-Namaste...Earthly

redbloodink commented on Fate Be My Own


It is our own fate........ But I found God..... He is real He is love..... and we all can be cold...... But life is what you make it.... He just sits and watches your choices... weather we believe or not that is a GREAT CHOICE ..... He gave us bye free will........... we just didn't become it was done from the beginning and will never change.... , but we change by life and our own expereances..... red

DeepEclipse commented on Fate Be My Own


Indeed freedom from a scripted existence. Hence why it is called "free will" perhaps. I find sorrow in these words, [And should you find me to be harsh or cold, Reality is what Constructed my mold.] - they reflect on me things about myself that many may never know. Secrets that some may never hear. Or ones they may hear and never understand. To carry a burden yet still have the devotion to continue down the percieved path is admirable to me. Motivating. In its sadness. Enjoyed this journey.

AmadeusEx commented on Fate Be My Own


wonderfully realistic and simple negation of theological dogma...religion is and always will be the carrot and the stick for the rich and powerful to maintain their dominance over the less entitled...or so i imagined this to be saying...well done

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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