Fated Truth


  • Love

    Fated Truth

    What is it,


    That attracts the eye?


    Is it beauty?……


    But that’s by and by.


    Is it the soul,


    That beckons you?


    Like minds enthrall,


    But what is true?


    Can it be


    The color of one’s eye,


    Or what’s beneath


    Where truth does lie?


    Can it be


    The shape one sees,


    Or does it fathom


    What’s beneath?


    Can such contrary


    Views be shared,


    Or is it by fate


    Two people are paired?


    What is it


    That makes me love you?


    It just is….


    It’s simply true.

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    Rygar commented on Fated Truth


    another beautifully written piece of art, the abstract concept of attraction, sometimes explainable and sometimes not, great write hun.

    MindNumbing commented on Fated Truth


    I adore this! I've often asked myself the whys and hows of love... why did my feelings for this person develop and how did it happen so quickly... how is it that I've been able to keep him in my grasp for such a long time... what makes him feel the same. You wrapped it up perfectly... "It just is"! A great write!

    BadBadBear commented on Fated Truth


    Utter brilliance to say the least! Another rare jewel has escaped your jewel box, to which there are many of your rare jewels on display!

    MrGee commented on Fated Truth


    BRAVO! I love concise poems and this has quickly become one of my favorites. And such careful use of the metaphor is remarkable. Having now read two of your poems I have become a fan. Love at first sight overcame you and thus it has found release in the poem? 10

    kpeery09 commented on Fated Truth


    Very beautiful once again my friend...keep up the good work. I give you 10

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