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    How do you feel when someone tells you they love you?
    How do you feel when someone gives you a warm hug?
    How do you feel when someone, so in love with you, gives you a kiss?
    How do you feel when that special someone holds you when you need to fee comfort?
    How do you feel when your body is close to someone else's body that you love?

    When someone tells you they love you......Do you feel your heart race. Feel like nothing in this world matters.
    When someone gives you a warm hug....Do you feel all warm inside. Feel like you are close in heart with that person.
    When someone gives you a kiss....That is special to you, do you see star's, do you see you life with that person and feel like your heart belongs with theirs.
    When someone holds you close to them....Do you see how much they are in love with you, or do you see that simple first step.
    And when your body is with the body of that special someone, do you feel anything at all?

    Stop and think about how you would really feel when someone so dear and specail to you....gives you a hug, kiss or if it is just three simple words" I Love You"

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    mbryant53 commented on FEELINGS


    I like! Most people are like robots. They really do not have the courage to really embrace these emotions for fear of rejection or lose. Good write.

    FX777222999 commented on FEELINGS


    Great notion of feelings..

    Tray4 commented on FEELINGS


    Thats a great point and thanks for the reminder

    keithrberryjr commented on FEELINGS


    great poem.really well thought out and well portrayed.great job

    Footprints2002 commented on FEELINGS


    Misspelled the word special, but I am sure you still get it. Got to remember to proof then post.

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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