Feet First


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    Feet First

    I feel like im dying inside
    Everytime i here your name i want to cry..
    I want to die..
    I want to end my life..
    I don't want to be alone anymore..
    It's not right..
    At home..when i sleep alone..I just sigh..
    Then i sniffel..
    Then i break down..
    What's the purpous of life!
    How can i be me..
    Your the only one that understood..
    You loved me..
    And i loved you..
    God damnit!...Why did you take her lord!
    You took the only thing good im my life!
    As i stand here Crying! Gripping a butter knife!
    I'll cut through humanity! Like Death weilding his Scithe!
    I'm not insane..I just lost my purpous for life..

    What would you do if you lost somone close?
    Try to talk shit to me!
    What the fuck do you know!
    I lost my wife and me child!
    All in one go!
    The died in the hospital..Because of me..If you don't know..
    They said It was complications with child birth..
    If i can't have children..why the fuck am i on this earth?
    I take out my anger in poetry..This is my Re-Birth..
    I'm trying to hit the ground running..
    Feet first..

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    anneliseh commented on Feet First


    this a really tragic story. this is just as good as the first, and i'm sure the rest will be just as excellent.

    Spiralout1022 commented on Feet First


    as you know i just lost my unborn child obviously not the same but i empathize with you i cant even read the next one right away i feel it welling up inside. one of my favorite sayings is only through the pain can we find a way to grow

    FiloRozzell commented on Feet First


    My great grandmother used to say no matter how bad bad a situation is you can find some good. I can't say I've experienced the same loss except for as I read I felt a bit of your pain. It takes great adversities sometimes to bring out that greater man. YOU WILL LIVE, because anything else would be a sucker's way out. Much love player be the warrior.

    twilightchick commented on Feet First


    oh my, i am so sorry. i dont realy have any words to say except, now i feel like crying.

    anaisnais commented on Feet First


    Wow, you convey your feelings well, and I can only imagine how this must feel for I had many complications with my first child, and felt as though had he not made it or there been something wrong with him it would have completely devestated me as I was already in a mess... Thankfully I was lucky, and time healed many of the wounds. I appreciate your anger and depression, but sometimes unless we can make our first step towards a better tomorrow it will never come. Learn from the experience, it

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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